Thursday, 10 November 2011

The tooth fairy arrives for the first time

Its been an exciting week. Izzy lost her first tooth and so we had a visit from the tooth fairy (after much consulting on  Twitter re the going rate!).  Its £1 and a chocolate coin in this neck of the woods! Izzy is showing off her shop bought tooth fairy cushion that she has had since she was 6 months old. Its been a LONG wait to use it!!

In honour of Izzy's tooth falling out I decided to make some new tooth fairy cushions particularly as I had been asked to take some of my things into a lovely gift shop with the possibility of them stocking some of them. Typically I left it to the night before and spent the early hours of this morning manically trying to finish them. I'm quite pleased with some of the new fabrics I used though. I added a little poem in the pockets addressed to the tooth fairy.


and backs

some old favourite fabrics too

I also made some new hair clip tidies with the left over fabric. These are slightly smaller than the other ones I have made and only take hair clips not hair bands as well. I've already had 2 orders for these from friends.

The shop seems to like what I make and I have left them with a whole range of bibs, PE bags, baking bags, tooth fairy cushions, hair clip tidies, purses, felt tip rolls and activity bags. Its a gorgeous little tea shop and gift shop called 'Teacups and Treasures'. Very pretty with some beautiful items for sale. You can find them on facebook here and if you live near Clevedon pop in and have some tea and cake!

I also took advantage of being childless for a couple of hours and did a bit of shopping whilst in Clevedon. I love these little cardboard letters I found. Perfect for Izzy's bedroom wall. I choose 'Isabella' and also the numbers 1-9

A cute little butterfly yo yo maker which I thought Izzy might like in her Chritsmas stocking

Some fabric for Izzy and Sam

A little picture frame for me

Some lovely fabric to add to the pile!

Mother and daughter sewing scissors - they are pink and spotty. I couldn't resist.

some cute little Christmas decorations

I also came accross this strip of Cecily Mary Barker 'Flower Fairies' fabric. Izzy and I love the Flower Fairies book and illustrations. I have no idea what I am going to do with them but they are just so pretty. Any ideas?

Two more gorgeous dresses arrived for the pillowcase appeal. This time from the lovely Sarah. A pretty  salmon pink dress  with cream flowers

and a lovely blue dress with little green flowers. Both finished off with a cute little pocket. So pretty. That takes our total to 438 dresses. Thanks Sarah.

 More exciting news from Alison at Peggy's Pickles blog. She has held her second pillowcase dress making party! You can read more about it here.

She has also found a lovely lady called Jennie who is involved in  a project in Ghana called the 'Nyaboo Ghana Development fund' who is taking some of her dresses out to Ghana next week.

Alison has now revised her target to make 100 dresses!!  Fantastic!!

The lovely Annie very kindly sent me a gorgeous picture of her new grandson wearing the bandana bib I sent him. How cute is he? Gorgeous!

I think I will be making a lavender heat bag at the week-end. A while ago I made one of these.

You can read about it here. It was for my mums 70th birthday. (I gave her 70 presents with the help of my blogging friends!) Earlier in the week she lent it to me as I pulled a muscle in my neck and I needed a heat pad thing. I'm not sure what I did but it now looks like this

Whoops! I somehow managed to scorch the thing heating it up in microwave. I'm not sure how. So do I just make a new one and not say anything or should I fess up??!! Better get sewing.....


  1. Such a lovely post Louise. So many lovely things to see. Dress count should be 438 not 238 surely :-) ....and there is more on the way :-) Do hope you've got a big house. :-)
    Glad you liked little in your gorgeous bib. Thanks again.
    A x

  2. I have to ask, where in Clevedon did you find those gorgeous letters. Have you found a secret shop I knoe nothing about 'hehe'

    B xxx

  3. Annie - you are right it should be 438 not 238! Have changed in the post now. Well spotted!!

    B.... - its a gift shop on Hill Road. Can't think what its called tho. Its full of lovely things. Same side as Teacups and Treasures and the fabric shop.

  4. Lovely post! So excited to hear about Izzy's tooth!!! Wow what a mile stone. Soy's desperate for his first one to come out - he has the big tooth growing behind but nothing wobbly yet! We still have your tooth fairy pillow in the retro cowboy fabric. It's been patiently waiting for about 3 years for a tooth!!! Amazing job with all the fabulous dresses xx

  5. Love your sewing projects, the fabrics are so cute. Have a great day. :)

  6. Losing a first tooth is such a special time. My youngest is eight and he lost another tooth a couple of weeks ago. He was so excited waking up to find a pound coin. I love it :)

  7. How cute is Izzy with her little tooth missing, bless her. Some lovely little buys and makes as well. can't believe what happened to that heat bag, how strange, hopefully she will see the funny side x x x x x

  8. Fab post Louise - so many lovely things to look at. I am taking a few dresses down to Annie's today to trim up. x Jo

  9. Lots of lovely things in this post. Your tooth fairy cushions are great.


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