Sunday, 27 November 2011

Fabulous 500!!

Another 25 dresses arrived this week taking the total to a fabulous 500!! An amazing achievement from all of my lovely sewing buddies. Thank you everyone. As the sun actually came out for 5 minutes I made the most of it and put them up on the washing line for a photo.Don't they look pretty?

I received another 21 dresses from the lovely Pauline. This is her second batch of dresses. You can see the first dresses here. These were just as lovely...

All with beautiful little details

Some gorgeous fabrics

Sweet little pockets

So pretty

The next four dresses were from Hilary who has a lovely blog called Lemon Loves. These dresses were gorgeous too. Such pretty colours and patterns

I love the blue roses.

and the ric rac trim on this dress.

Thanks Pauline and Hilary. So far 250 dresses have been sent abroad or are going in the New Year. My next task is to get the next 250 to girls who need them. I'm working on it!!

Its been a busy week-end. My friends and I were responsible for running the cake stall at Izzy's school Christmas Fayre on Saturday. Its the first time we have done it so it was a bit scary. We were very lucky that my lovely friend Laura was in charge of organising us (think Monica from Friends when she was organising Phoebes wedding!). Laura planned and baked like a maniac all week so the stall looked absolutely fantastic. She had great ideas like marshmallow cake pops, star wands and bags of shortbread biscuits which went down very well. We iced the cupcakes on Friday night over a couple of bottles of wine. Lets just say some of the cakes were discarded in the morning and there was a lot of icing on the floor of my kitchen! We had a great time though and took a fantastic £300 on the day which is amazing. Look she even made us wear matching aprons (We love you Laura!) 


and the best thing was that we sold every single cake. There was not a crumb left at the end of the fayre!!


  1. A wonderful effort ladies, congrats :)) it looks absolutely scrumptious.. :))

  2. Congrats on the first 500's to the next :-)
    The cake stall looked amazing [as did the aproned stall holders :-) ]. Well done you for raising so much.
    A x

  3. fantastic news on the frocks. And now i'm hungrey cos of all the cake!

  4. Fab post. The little frocks are gorgeous and the cakes made my tummy rumble - yum! Have a good week. I have more frocks to send but maybe you would like to get Xnmas over first? x Jo

  5. 500 dresses that is amazing. The cake stall looks gorgeous, loving the marshmallow pops, they look so scrummy x x x x

  6. 500 dresses is utterly incredible. AND that is the best cake stall I've ever seen! You should be VERY proud. Laura is the master baker! Nothing wrong with being a Monica hee hee! Absolutely brilliant. So sad I couldn't make it but great to see what I missed! WOWOWOW! Putting your fair in the diary for next year (loving the star shortbreads!)xxx

  7. Congratulations on getting to 500 dresses!

    The cake stall looks amazing.


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