Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mary's Meals

Izzy's school have been taking part in the Backpack Project for Mary's Meals - a charity that provides daily meals to children in school in developing countries like Malawi and Liberia to encourage school attendance. They are an amazing charity currently feeding over 500,000 children in 16 countries!

Schools, colleges, workplaces or individuals donate a backpack and fill it with things that children need for school as well as basic clothes and toiletries. Very often the children that receive the backpacks cannot afford to buy even very basic items such as pencils or notebooks. This year alone 36,949 backpacks have been donated to children in developing countries and the charity have delivered 245,600 Backpacks in total. AMAZING!

Izzy and I wanted to do our bit so we found an old Elmer Backpack and filled it with items we thought might be useful.

One of the items suggested to go in the Backpack was a dress which got me thinking........
I have a bedroom full of pretty dresses!! I emailed Mary's Meals and I am very proud to say that they were very happy to collect some pillowcase dresses along with the Backpacks from Izzy's school today so 50 pillowcase dresses will soon be on their way to Malawi! Result!!!

Can you see your dress??

A dress will be put into 50 individual backpacks to be distributed to little girls who need them at schools in Malawi. Mary's Meals told me that for many children the backpacks will be the first gifts they ever receive. Izzy was very proud to be involved.

You can find out more about Mary's Meals here. Maybe your school would like to get involved in the Backpack Project? You can email Mary's Meals to find out more at Not only are you helping children get an education in developing countries but its a really good way of helping your own children gain an understanding of the difficulties faced by children in other countries and how we can all make a difference even in a small way. Its costs just £6.15 to feed a child in Malawi for a whole school year! Thats not much is it? If you want to donate you can find out how here

I'D like to say a huge thanks to Allyson from The Bellingham Soap Company who came across me on Twitter recently and sent me a box full of fabric to make dresses with. 

There is so much fabric! Its fantastic. We will be able to make so many dresses with it. I have been toying with the idea of having some sewing parties since reading about them on Peggys Pickles blog. A few local bloggers have expressed an interest in learning  how to make a dress and now I have this fabric its seems rude not to so watch this space!! Thank you so much for your very kind gesture!

I have very kindly been featured on Peggy Pickles blog recently. You can read it here and also get an update on her dress challenge!


  1. Oh wow. That has me all emotional now. Yes I recognise a dress or two and how lovely to see those gorgeous girls that they will be going to. Thank you so much for doing what you do.
    A x

  2. Love the concept of the backpack project, I am doing the Christmas Child appeal and have 8 shoe boxes to fill! Very excited as I love buying bits - all the kids in our family only ever want money!

    I have been to Marys Meals and have just printed off and completed a DD form for £10 a month - that will feed approx 22 children a year! I do a monthly DD to Oxfam but I never feel like I am doing anything whereas this really 'feels' like I am making a difference!

    My other fave Charity is KIVA, I have two 'investments' there, a fab concept if anyone is looking to help small businesses develop!

    I have watched with great admiration all the work you do with the dresses but have not joined in because I am scared of my machine. Do you need me to collect pillow slips are you up to your eyes?

    Sending love and Blessings, you are a lovely lovely lady!

  3. Fab post Louise. I really do think it's like the "feeding the five thousand" - - how just a small amount, given with love and used to help others, can multiply into something really wonderful that can spread around the world and help so many!! A huge thank you - we are back on track with our dress making so you will hear from us soon I hope. x Jo

  4. Absolutely LOVED this post for all sorts of reasons.

    Its been smashing seeing Annies and Jo's hard work going out in a back pack for some needing little girl.

    Im going to find out more about who near me is participating in this back pack scheme as I want to do one too!

    Keryn x

  5. Hi Louise so nice to see all the lovely dresses going off.
    The school I work in are collecting pens pencils etc to be shipped of soon and we always fill lots of shoeboxes at Christmas, it's hearting to know there are still plenty of kind people around as it's not alway about money is it. Well done with your collection
    Cate x


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