Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dress a Girl? Lets Dress 400 Girls!!

A great week for the Dress a Girl appeal. I was given some gorgeous fabric by the boss of a friend of mine. Thank you Esme. I've been told that it is a Liberty fabric which I've never used before. Its so soft. I love it!  I'll get dress making with it next week hopefully.

66 more dresses arrived! A beautiful dress from Suzanne at Sky Blue Sea. Suzanne makes beautiful textile art which you can see on her website here. The dress was so pretty.

I love the heart appliques

and the cutest little hearts on the ties

Another gorgeous dress came from Sarah at Tilly Mint Boutique. Sarah also has a lovely blog which you can find here

 I love this bright and vibrant fabric with dragonflies and butterflies.

Pretty pink ties too. Lovely

and to finish off the week in great style a parcel of 64 dresses arrived from the lovely Annie and Jo who never fail to astound me with their generosity and kindness and the speed at which they sew! Special mention to Toni (a friend of Annie and Jo's) who made her first dress with their expert tuition. I think you will agree that it is an amazing effort and absolutely gorgeous!

Pretty little pocket

This lovely crossover dress was also kindly donated to Jo and Annie for the appeal. Its very pretty.

and the ususal array of beautiful dressesas we have come to expect from the fastest sewers in the UK!! Such a shame the weather is so bad I can't do my usual washing line shots...

Every dress is so unique and individual. The cutest pockets

and frills

and applique

and flowers

All beautiful and in all sizes so that every little girl will get something pretty to wear. This takes the total to 418 Dresses! AMAZING.

Annies daughter has just had twins so I sent a little parcel for them which I hope they will like......I'll share when it arrives safely.

Annie also makes the cutest little mini bears which come with little poems. I couldn't resist buying some. A little birthday bear for Izzy's friend. 2 Christmas bears for Izzy and Sam to hang on the tree. 2 little bears to go in the shoebox appeal we do every Christmas and a Grandma and Grandad bear for the Grandparents from Izzy and Sam

Special mention  as well to Alison at Peggy's Pickles who has challenged herself to make 52 dresses for the appeal. You can follow her progress on her blog. Not only that but she has managed to get her husband to make one. Yes really!! The first dress made by a man. That is fantastic! We need more men involved. So who else can also get a man to make a dress??


  1. Brilliant! Well done to you and all those gifted sewers s

  2. Oh Louise what a lovely post again. You make our little dresses look so fab. We really get a buzz when we spread them all round my room before sending them to you. It's so lovely to use our talents to benefit others and isn't it lovely how it is spreading. Thanks also for the heads up with my little bears....hope you get as much pleasure out of them as I did making them :-)
    A x
    ps I'm watching out for that postman :-)

  3. What a bright and cheery post! I managed to sell a few more of Annie's bears at the craft fair - everyone loved the little poems that go with them - what talents that woman has!!!!! x Jo

  4. Simply lovely. You are doing a great job x

  5. What a fabulous post!

    Its so lovely to see all of those beautiful dresses that so many talented ladies & one gent, have made! Well done one and all!

    Keryn x

  6. Oh My word! I am gobsmacked! Coming from Africa and working with the little ones in the townships there I KNOW how much these dresses will be appreciated!! I cant even put into words how grateful these little girls will be, it will make their YEAR - honestly. Oh I've gone all teary now, you ladies are AWESOME. AWESOME AWESOME!! Now, How can I help? xxx

  7. Ditto all the comments above! Utterly gob smackingly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx


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