Thursday, 15 September 2011

More lovely dresses arrived today. The first package contained another 2 lovely dresses from Valerie. Valerie upcycles her dresses from clothes she no longer wears and they are so pretty. If you look at her blog you can see the before and after pictures. She doesn't waste a single scrap of fabric.

They have such pretty details

I love the little crocheted flower. So pretty.

and more matching hairbands. The dresses came wrapped in an old sewing pattern which looked so cool. Great idea!

I also received 5 lovely dresses from the the very kind Anesha who also has a lovely blog which you can find here. She made 2 of these pretty little red dresses

with the cutest little flowers on the straps. Another great idea to steal borrow!

A lovely check dress

with another lovely flower

a very pretty floral dress

and a gorgeous lilac with a check band at the bottom. All so pretty.

Lots of multi coloured dots on this fabric.

This takes the total to 328. I've also had exciting news from a local college who will hopefully make some dresses with students on their textiles course. I love the idea of getting young people involved and can't wait to see what they make! Will keep you posted.

I actually did some sewing today. I'm halfway through 10 butterfly party bags for Izzy's birthday in a couple of weeks. Please excuse the state of the table and yes that is a bowl of dry cheerios in the background. A girl has to snack while shes sewing!

I also wanted to say a huge thanks to Abby of Bubs Bears for making us 8 beautiful remembrance bears. My father in law sadly died earlier in the year and Jon and his sisters weren't sure what to do with his clothes. I suggested they look at Abby's website as she makes beautiful patchwork remembrance bears. You send her a selection of the clothes that mean the most to you and she makes them into lovely patchwork keepsake bears.  We had 8 made. One for each of his grandchildren.

They are so beautifully made. Jon said that he can remember which piece of clothing each part of the patchwork bear is made from and can remember his dad wearing it. Its a lovely way to remember someone and I think it helped the family with the horrible task of clearing out the clothes.

Jon's dad did lots of running and ran many charity races and marathons. He was often awarded tshirts at the races and one of these was incorporated into this bear

The idea also works really well for keeping your children's first baby clothes or you can have a bear made out of your wedding dress.Thanks Abby. They will have pride of place in Izzy and Sam's bedrooms


  1. Glad you like the dresses. I had fun making them. That is a totally fantastic idea to make the keepsake bears from your FIL's clothes. It has given me an idea or two on how to use up all the tiny scraps of material I have left over from the dresses. the butterfly party bags are coming along a treat.Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. More fab dresses Louise. Love the little flowers on so many of them. I'me sure the little girls will really love each and every one.
    Those little teddies are such a brilliant idea. What a special way to remember a loved one. Thanks for sharing that.
    A x

  3. The remembrance bears are a lovely idea - now wishing I had some of my grandmother's clothes to make into a bear for my son.

  4. Those bears are amazing! Such a good way to memorialize someone without being cheesy or a hoarder. I love it.

  5. Glad the dresses arrived safely. :) Feel free to borrow the flowers :) lol

  6. I am proud to call Abby a close friend - and I too own one of her bears...and they are simply stunning! xxx

  7. Love the idea of the remembrance bears! what a thoughtful and precious keepsake. Will be sure to spread the word about these.x


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