Monday, 26 September 2011

I want my own fabric shop!

A little video clip from Malawi. I finally worked out how to upload it on to the blog!

Another gorgeous dress arrived recently from Fiona and her daughter Hannah. Its so pretty. I love the combination of spots and stripes.

I love the pockets too which were Hannah's idea. Gorgeous!

Thank you so much. Fiona has a lovely blog called Poppy Makes which you can find here

I feel like I have lost my sewing mojo again recently. I've been really busy with other stuff and organising the 'dress a girl' project which I love but I'm finding the whole computer thing is just eating away at my time. Blogging/facebook/twitter etc just seems to take up hours and hours. How do other people manage to do both? They are great tools for networking and I love using them but I never manage to do any sewing anymore! I have decided to challenge myself to making an item a week for the rest of the year. Anyone want to join me? Just thinking about what I want to make!

I did manage to finish a little bit of sewing this week. Butterfly party bags for Izzy's birthday. They look really sweet so I hope they like them.

Full of butterfly themed things!

I popped into Fabricland today and found some gorgeous really cheap fabric for some more dresses and other projects all at £3.50 a metre. Some Licorice Allsorts fabric!

A lovely shabby chic rose fabric

and another pretty rose fabric

I have to say that I am always so disappointed whenever I visit Fabricland in Bristol. The staff are just so miserable! Nobody ever smiles or wants to help or talk to you about what you are making. They are missing a trick. Fabric shopping should be a fun activity where you spend hours browsing and chatting and feeling inspired and SPENDING MONEY. In Fabricland I'm too scared to ask anyone about anything. I usually get scowled at for queuing in the wrong place and a friendly chat about your latest project is NOT an option. Is this experience limited to Bristol or is it nationwide? I always come out dreaming about what my fabric shop would be like if I had one and how friendly and welcoming it would be. If only!!


  1. Totally agree! That kind of specialst shop should employ people who are knowledgable and enthusiastic about what they're selling - they should be able to tell you what fabric would work with a particular pattern etc. Independent wool shops seem to be like that, but such fabric shops are thin on the ground... x

  2. I agree they are just plain miserable. Love the party bags. I think they are suppressing their inner crafter. Never a good idea!!!!!

  3. I have to agree with you. I think they are trying to suppress their inner crafter!!!!! I love the party bags.

  4. I agree, it's the same in the Fabricland in Southampton! Although those fabrics you bought are lovely and an absolute bargain, so I might pop in there this week anyway and try and brave the scowls! x

  5. Love the little party bags. I have two Fabricland shops near to me. One 7miles in one direction (misserable bunch) and the other 10 miles in opposite direction which is a lovely shop to go in and buy from. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. Not got a Fabricland near me - though there is one in Southampton where I used to study. Only went to it once recently and they weren't that friendly in there either (it was a hassle for them to but my fabric or so it seemed!!) very cheap though :) x

  7. I work part time in a local wool and craft shop and one of the best bits of my job is chatting to our lovely customers.

  8. I've found that in hobbycraft, and the man that owns my local fabric store never looks impressed that I want to spend money in his store. The lady that runs my local wool store is really very lovely though. :)

  9. I've only ever heard bad things about Fabricland staff in blogland. It really puts me off visiting my nearest store in Reading. I've bought from them via their migraine-inducing website several times but always have to really psych myself up to do it! I hate having to give my credit card details over the phone - they really are majorly missing a trick by not having a decent website and online ordering. The fact that they are cheap is the only thing they have going for them in my opinion. Such a shame.

  10. I hadn't really thought about it before, but yes they are missing a trick. Imagine if you could learn something at the same time - a little craft table with some ideas etc. It's right in the centre of Bristol and has so much fabric. I don't get why they all hate their jobs so much - maybe they're not paid much! Calico on Bedminster Parade in Bristol is so much better for advice and the staff are friendly....
    Love the video of Malawi.
    Louise - I could never work out how you had the time to blog/hold down a job/look after kids and sew. Me thinks something has to give! I can just about do a bit of sewing and sporadic blogging! Have given up on selling as noooo time. I would love to make something every week but maybe every month would be achievable. Maybe you could now organise a 'sewing show and tell' every month! I would on for a scrap swop - need some for a quilt I'm making..... Well done on all the dresses you've organised by the way - very impressive! x

  11. Have just finished another dress and will post off to you tomorrow. Thursday 29th. Hugs Mrs A.

  12. Beautiful flowery fabrics! By the way have you contacted Cath Kidston asking for fabric? They have a really good charity department. xx


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