Thursday, 25 August 2011

Lots more lovely dresses

Thanks for the lovely response to my last post showing girls in Malawi wearing some of the pillowcase dresses we have made. It was so exciting seeing the photos and has really motivated me to do more. Today has been another lovely day. It started off with a dress in the post from the lovely Auriol who writes about all sorts of crafty things on the Groupon blog which you can find here. Auriol has very kindly featured the appeal on the blog. Her dress arrived in THE most gorgeous envelope (you can find out how to make these on her blog!!).

It was a very pretty pink and white dress with white ties. Gorgeous!

I was also delighted to meet Tricia when she drove over from Somerset to hand deliver me 31 dresses that her sewing group had made! A big thanks to Tricia for driving them over and to Bek from Oh Sew Lovely who organised the making of the dresses. Bek makes the most beautiful things. Check out the photos on her facebook page. I managed to squeeze in some photos of the dresses between the rain and look at how lovely they look.

The dresses are all made from upcycled pillowcases and each one has its own unique embellishment.

beautiful appliqued love hearts

Bows and buttons


Felt flowers


Simply beautiful. I thought I would show you some lovely photos of Bek's sewing group hard at work!

Thanks guys. Amazing effort all round!

I was feeling like I needed to make some more dresses too so had a little shopping trip to Fabricland with Izzy. The staff are still miserable but its SOOOO cheap. Some lovely fabric at £2.99 a metre. Perfect for little dresses!

I couldn't decide on this one. I quite like it. Izzy loved it and my other half thinks it looks like an old ladies duvet cover! What do you think?

I also bought some bias binding, ribbon and ric rac at a lovely ribbon shop in Bristol

Remember my John Lewis fabric? I did actually get round to making a dress for Izzy. What do you think??

and finally I had quite a drastic hair cut today. I'm not sure I like it. Its very short for me. Want to have a look?

It will grow back I guess!!


  1. What a gorgeous couple of washing lines full of dresses. I love the fact that each one is a little different and how lovely for all those ladies to work together making them all.
    Your fabric is gorgeous....aren't you lucky to have such a wonderful supply of pretty fabrics close by. We only really have one shop in Shrewsbury for dress fabrics now and they have become really expensive and can be pretty limited with fabric when you are looking to dress make for something specific.
    Keep up the great work Louise.
    A x
    ps love the hair do

  2. Your hair cut is lovely. Modern and suits your profile. What great thick, shiny hair you have too.

    Keep up your great work with the little dresses.

    What a great idea. I'm thinking that I could start something along your lines to help needy girls in Australia. I have fabric to last a lifetime. Comes from being a fabric addict....
    Thank you

  3. The dresses are amazing - you should feel very proud for what you are doing! The hair looks gorgeous too!
    Jo x

  4. Love the new hairstyle it realy suits you it's a style I'd like bit can't get my hair past "the ears" stage without getting it cut short and spikey again!! In September it would have been my lovely sister Karen's 50th birthday and I thought instead of taking flowers I'm going to take her a birthday balloon and send the money to you instead to help towards the postage. Karen would have thought that a lovely idea and as she only had boys she would be delighted to think she'd helped some little girls if only in a small way, Lucey x

  5. I love the new hairdo - very chic!! All those beautiful little dresses look perfect don't they. Your fabrics are fab and Izzy's frock looks brill.

  6. All the dresses are great, and I like the new hair style looks really nice

  7. Fab, you're doing a great job, and I love the hair :)

  8. LOVE the hair cut - though didn't ever see you before...!
    Congrats on all the fantastic dresses - such a beautiful idea.

  9. Wow! That's a collection!! Great haircut as well!


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