Friday, 26 August 2011

Not just tea towels but works of art!

I'm not known for my love of household chores so I have to admit that when I was offered the chance to review some tea towels by the lovely people at All Tea Towels initially I wasn't very interested. That was until I had a look at the website. These are not your ordinary supermarket tea towels. Oh no. These are works of art! Seriously. After much changing of minds I finally decided on these two..

This one because I really do like a nice cup of tea (or ten!)

and this one just because I thought it was really pretty

and they were just as lovely in real life (everything gets photographed on my washing line now!)

The tea towels are so much nicer than the boring ones I usually buy and you can tell the difference in quality too. These are 100% cotton and really thick and absorbent. They get softer the more you wash them too. I have washed mine already (I have 2 children under 5 so am always mopping up spills!) and they wash up really well. They were both really well made and have a nice loop for hanging them up at the top which is actually really useful. I was going to post a photo of me drying up with them but the shock might have been too much for anyone that knows me! The tea towels are only £6.50 each which is pretty good value and postage is free!! If you buy one for a present you can even have the tea towel sent direct with a free gift card. Hows that for service! Would make a great fun gift for a student who has moved out of home for the first time maybe!!

I couldn't resist showing you some of the other tea towels that I loved (that does make me sound old doesn't it!)

This one was so nearly my first choice!

This would make a fantastic wedding or anniversary present

and with London 2012 round the corner

Thanks All Tea Towels. I love my new tea towels.


  1. As promised first 3 little dresses are on their way to you. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Louise, I think we need to see a picture of you actually drying your dishes - hee hee! Love the City tea towels especially. Get that picture up!! xx


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