Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I never thought I'd end up making these...

I'm loving our two new guinea pigs but the fact is they keep weeing on me and the children (is this normal?) when we hold them which is not good! I had a bit of inspiration late last night and decided to make some little rectangle mats that the children could put over their legs when they hold them to prevent any accidents on their clothes. I made them double sided out of fleece so they were soft for both the children and the guinea pigs (see what a caring owner I am!).  They would also be easy to chuck in the wash following any little mishaps.

I stumbled across some waterproof lining fabric I had lying around too so decided to put some in the middle. This is great as it means any little accidents won't soak through to the other side. Clean, dry children AND comfy guinea pigs. What could be better?? Izzy's was pink on one side and stripy on the other and Sam's blue on one side with teddy bears on the other.

Did I mention that I also embroidered the guinea pigs names on them too?? I clearly need to get out more!!
Rose was fine

Lets just say that I was less impressed with having to embroider Mrs Black Hair at 11.30pm last night.

Plus in my usual 'rush into it without thinking it through' method. I actually decided to embroider the names after I had sewn the two pieces of fleece together and turned it out so I was sewing them through a really small hole in the seam which is why it looks like a 3 year year old has done it. I think it just adds to the charm!

Am I a bit weird sewing things for my guinea pigs?? I feel it might be a distraction tactic from making more pillowcase dresses.....


  1. What a brilliant idea!! Perhaps you should patent them.....In fact what about....'Dragon's Den' !!

  2. From the simplest of ideas.... a great product is born! LOL!

  3. You're fantastic! I wish you were my Mum !!
    Maryx @TheFeltWorks!

  4. That is just brilliant....I have found someone as daft as me :-) I just knew there would be at least one more like me out there :-)
    Thanks for making my day. You are a gem. I bet your children will never forget those blankets.
    A x

  5. fantastic idea. GP's (as there were called in my house ) are great, and i love it when they squeek. mine used to sit o the back door mat when my mum had the door open and squeek till she gave him food! loving the names too. aminal should have intereting names - currrently we have rabbits called annie and optimus prime and a hamster called captin sausage!

  6. These are a great idea even if it is a distraction and I think the embroidery looks fine xxx

  7. Oh they are just the ticket! Great idea, and the Guinee Pigs seem pretty taken with them too - how adorable are those little fluff balls!

  8. Hi Louise,
    We have guinea pig's rosie,nibble's and rocket they often have little accident's the kid's normally sit them on a cushion or a towel.Perhaps I should make our's some fleece thingy's you need a name for your invention!
    Hug's Georgie xx

  9. What a brill design!! I bet they will be really useful. Mad? yes of course but we are all guilty of making something completely bonkers just because we can!! ( I am thinking of the 10 hedgehog suits complete with rows of wool spines down the back that I made for a school play once - brilliant but totally bonkers- lol) x Jo

  10. very clever, win win! :) thanks for stopping by my blog too

  11. Now that is something my cats need for their vet visits.
    Carol xx

  12. No not bonkers at all simply inspirational. Love the names and yes I have done that too, made something and then had to unpick a side seam to add an extra on one side only. Der!. Hugs Mrs A.


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