Friday, 29 July 2011

Who are you???

I knew it would happen eventually. I've got 3 beautiful dresses here and I just can't work out who sent them. I'm really sorry if it was you and I haven't been in touch to say thank you but I just can't work out who you are!! There was no card with the dresses but I do recall a recent email saying that 3 dresses were on their way. I've searched and searched through my emails but I just can't find it and I can't remember who sent it. (I blame having children for my terrible memory!!) Please, please let me know if you made the dresses below so that I can apologise profusely and tell you how lovely your dresses are. (Besides its driving me mad not be able to remember who you are!)

First of all we have a beautiful red and white dress with pretty flowers

and matching red ties

A pretty dress with orange and yellow flowers and matching orange ties

and a gorgeous pink dress with tiny little flowers and pink straps. All beautiful. Thank you whoever you are!!

I've really discovered the power of Twitter over the last few weeks for making contacts. The following dresses all came via Twitter from people I don't know. How amazing is that? The dresses will all be going to Kenya later in the year courtesy of someone else I made contact with via Twitter!

Two gorgeous dresses from @rachelhenning. Both made from a lovely hot pink fabric. The first has blue ribbon ties

with a cute little blue heart detail.

The second has pink ribbon ties. So pretty.

These two gorgeous dresses dresses came from @kimblebob. The first made from a very pretty flower fabric which has silvery shimmery bits all over it and very pretty green ties.

The second made from a white fabric with tiny little pink butterflies, birds and flowers. It has a pretty lace detail and matching white ties. Lovely.

and last but not least two beautiful dresses from Lynn who also came across the appeal on Twitter. Two gorgeous floral dresses which will fit slightly older girls which is fantastic. The first is yellow with co-ordinating brown ties and detail including 2 cute little pockets. So pretty. I really must try and make some pockets for my next dresses as I love the way they look.

The second dress was made from a pale pink/orange fabric with green trimming and more cute pockets.

Thanks to everyone. I really appreciate all your support. That makes 140 dresses now!!


  1. What gorgeous dresses....and there is now another 30 on their way to you so watch out for that heavily laden postman :-)
    A x

  2. It was me- I am the phantom dress sender!!!- Sorry forgot to include a card- found it after I had posted them!!

  3. I WISH I could have said it was me - that red and white one is lovely. Well done on all your Twitter contacts, you're doing great things with this project, bet you never expected it to grow this big! x


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