Monday, 11 July 2011

We've reached 100 and the first batch go off to Malawi!!

I'm so excited. Not only have we reached 100 dresses (106 in fact!) but the first 50 dresses are now on their way to Malawi. They have been collected from me and are flying out on Thursday so in a couple of weeks I should have much more info about their final destination and hopefully some photos. I am thrilled that a person who lives in the same small town as me has been able to take some directly to some projects he supports and I'm really looking forward to finding out more about the country and its people. Geography has never been my strong point so I had to look up exactly where Malawi is in Africa. Thought I'd add a map for those who are geographically challenged like me!

A big thank you to Krysia who organised the fantastic 16 dresses that took us over our target of 100. Krysia made two dresses herself and put out an appeal on freecycle for some pillowcases to transform. This put Krysia in touch with two lovely ladies called Penny and Chrissie who decided to get involved and had a craft morning where they made 13 dresses! Krysia also got her friend Penny from MimaPants involved and she made a dress too. Huge thanks to all you lovely ladies for your fantastic effort. You put a massive smile on my face! Krysia has a lovely folksy shop called Kryshees and blog which you can find here

Krysia took two adult skirts and turned them into really pretty children's dresses by shirring the top and adding ribbon straps. Such a great way of upcycling clothes that are much too pretty to throw away. I love this idea. I tried shirring last year so really should give it another go. Look how pretty they are...

Penny from MimaPants also made a very pretty dress from gorgeous Cath Kidston fabric. Its finished off with the cutest little yellow heart buttons. Gorgeous!

Penny and Chrissie made a staggering 13 dresses between them. A lovely yellow check dress with orange ribbon ties and a cute little pocket.

A very pretty cream fabric with delicate blue roses finished off with lace

Not one , not two, not three but four dresses made from this really pretty floral fabric which reminds me of a Liberty print. All have different colour ribbon ties.

a lovely cheerful fairground fabric with ribbon ties

A really summery stripey fabric with co-ordinating coral ribbon ties

and pretty ribbon detail

This lovely vibrant pink and green floral fabric with green ribbon ties.

A lovely delicate floral fabric with pink spotty ribbon ties

A gorgeous flower border fabric with ribbon ties

and last but not least another two rose fabric dresses with different colour ribbon ties.

All absolutely gorgeous! I'm feeling motivated now so shall we make our new target 200 dresses??

Its been a manic week-end. I've just come back from Centre Parcs following a week-end away with my friend Laura and a group of girls for her 40th Birthday. It was fab! I'll post some more photos tomorrow but leave you with a little taste of what we got up to!

Heres a clue - I found out I am actually quite scared of heights!!


  1. Wow that is fantastic news, I've made another tonight as my eldest needed something yellow to wear for her school assembly, I'll send it on to you (unless she really wants to keep it!)

  2. Congratulations to you on organising this collection. I have just read about the project and am planning to sew some for your collection when I break up from school. Love the idea of appealing for pillow cases on freecycle. Heather x

  3. Congratulations on organising this collection! I plan to sew and send you some dresses after I break up from school if that is ok? I have just heard about this project and cant wait to get involved. Heather x

  4. This is such a wonderful appeal. So glad I stumbled upon your blog. Will definitely be getting involved. xxx

  5. Well done you! They all look so lovely. xxxx

  6. Well done Louise, you should be sooo proud of yourself, this is such a wonderful project to take on. Lots of blessings
    Karen x

  7. Oh wow, you've done amazingly well, you must be so proud! If the new target is 200 I might be able to find time to make a couple more:)

  8. Wow, so exciting that it's actually happening, hope we get lots of photos! Those shirred-skirts-now-dresses are brilliant, and I love that 'Liberty' print too :) xx

  9. Hi again Louise , I just passed on an award i received to you, felt you really deserved it
    Karen x


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