Thursday, 28 July 2011

Theres a dolphin in the bedroom!

We have done a few reviews now for the lovely people at Find me a gift and with the summer holidays coming up they asked Izzy to review another one of their great craft kits. We both love doing this as they always come up with fab suggestions and offer things that are perfect for Izzy's age. The thing that Izzy really wanted to try this time was the Window Mosaic Kit

It arrived the very next day and Izzy was very excited to receive a parcel in the post addressed to her for a change.

We choose the lovely dolphin design

The kit comes with the mosaic design sheet, a see through plastic tile that you build your mosaic on, tiles of different colours which you break up into tiny mosaic squares and some suction cups for sticking the finished article to the wall. What I love about this kit is that the mosaic tiles stick to the plastic board yet are completely removable so  you can use them again and again and move them around if you make mistakes. I found this invaluable with younger children like Izzy. The kits I have seen before have all involved sticking tiles down permanently. The tiles are jelly like and very easy to use. Look at that concentration!

You simply place the see through plastic tile over the design and match the right colour tile to the picture. Easy peasy! Izzy and I ended up doing it together and both really enjoyed ourselves. It was strangely relaxing. This kit would be enjoyed by anyone from about 4 upwards. I have to say I really enjoyed myself!

and here is the finished article on Izzy's bedroom window...It looks fab and really catches the sunlight coming through the window.

Izzy loved it and I was really impressed with the quality of the kit. I would definitely recommend.

You can find out more about 'find me a gift' on twitter and facebook.

I was also very tempted by this kit which might well feature on Izzy's Christmas list!

Find me a Gift also have a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee if you decide you don't like what you buy.


  1. How lovely. I love seeing young crafters at work and what a wonderful job she did too :-)
    A x
    ps my dress count is now up to 18...I've just blogged my latest

  2. Wow it looks great, well done Izzy.

    The starw art reminds me of when I was a kid, we used to have something like this at school, I used to play with it for hours and never get bored, I think this would be a great choice xxx

  3. Izzy has inherited her Mum's creative talents hasn't she? xxxx


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