Thursday, 14 July 2011

Making contacts via Twitter!

I am loving Twitter at the moment having just made another 2 contacts of people who are able to take and distribute dresses for me. The first to Malawi in August and the second to Kenya later in the year. Its fantastic news! The pile below are the ones that are actually on an aeroplane right now (yes right now!) flying to Malawi also.

I also wanted to share these fantastic photos with you. A sewing group making pillowcase dresses for the appeal. They have made 28 and are adding embellishments next week! These photos really made me smile when I saw them yesterday. Thanks guys. Can't wait to see the finished dresses!

I received another donation of dresses today. The first parcel came from Nickola who used upcycled pillowcases and duvet covers to make her lovely dresses.

The first with a pretty floral pattern with handmade bias binding (always very impressed when people make their own binding!)

A pretty little blue one with love hearts. So sweet.

and 2 pretty brown floral dresses

The little one with a lovely embellishment on the front. I really must use the fancy stitches on my sewing machine too. It looks lovely.

and another with a co-ordinating top and band at the bottom.

Nickola is a member of a great organisation called Loving Hands which is a charity that knits, crochets and sews for various charities. You can see their website here. There is a whole range of things that they make and also charities they support. Well worth a look.

Another gorgeous dress arrived from Georgia at Little Blue Mouse who has very kindly already sent two! This time a very pretty blue and lilac floral dress with purple ric rak.

and finally these lovely dresses were made by Margaret, Lynda and Fiona. A grandmother, daughter and grandaughter team! I love the idea of 3 generations of one family sewing dresses. Fantastic!

2 dresses in this lovely coral pink retro style fabric with ribbon ties.

The cutest little dress made from this sweet daisy fabric with blue ties.

and a lovely vibrant blue dress with daisies and yellow ties.

Thanks everyone! The total is now 115.


  1. Bet there on the same flight as a friend of mine. I've got some more ideas of how to get them out there and will email you! B wore her dress today for her school assembly and wants to keep it! Yellow doesn't suit her so I'll see what I can do!

  2. Fantastic! What an inspiration you are! I love how each dress looks different. xxxx

  3. wow, can't believe some are on their way! I'll have to make you some more or get hold of some pillow case to send on!

  4. Great to see so many people are involved.

    I'm holding a fabric swap over on my blog. Pop over and see if its something you'd like to take part in :)

  5. oh wow i love this idea! what a great thing you are doing!
    xo dana

  6. When you put that 1st message up for help. Did you every think it would grow so big. everyone is doing an excellent job on the dresses. and you are doing and excellent job getting them sent off to the girls around the year. it's been great watching this grow. and I have enjoyed taking part in it.
    Well done to you for getting this going.


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