Friday, 22 July 2011

I ran out of pegs....

I've had so many new dresses recently that I thought I should do another washing line shot to show them all off particularly as another 50 dresses are off to the Home of Hope Orphanage in Malawi in August. More information and photos to follow hopefully.

I took advantage of some (very rare!) sunny weather and hung them all out but I actually ran out of pegs (and space on the washing line!) They look gorgeous. I am also very pleased to now be an 'International Partner' of the 'Dress a Girl Around the World' charity in America which was the original inspiration for the appeal on my blog. This just means that I will be named on their website as the UK contact to help make it easier for people to get involved. Dress a Girl have sent over 34,000 dresses to 47 different countries so far which is pretty amazing. There is lots more info about what they do on their website.

Big thanks to Linda at Lindy's Loops for sending a lovely dress for the appeal. Its so pretty. I love the fabric.

and look at the gorgeous detail on the front. It has the cutest little rabbit button. Beautiful!

A lovely lady called Auriol wrote a post about the appeal this week with a great tutorial on how to make a dress on the Groupon blog that she writes for. Its well worth a look. It has some great ideas for making things like flower corsages. You can find the blog here.

I did a little bit more sewing too. A few more lavender bags for teachers presents and also for Izzy's buddy at school. I also made a little Purse for her.


  1. Wow they look amazing all hung out like that!! You've done fantastic championing the cause like this, well done for becoming an international partner! x

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on a work well done, thank you for inspiring us all to join in too! I will be making after my hols. Heather x

  3. You are doing so well with the dresses you must be dressing the whole of Malawi well done.
    Beverley xx

  4. The photo of all those wonderful looks brilliant. What a great job you are doing.
    A x

  5. What amazing work, well done! I can just imagine a whole bunch of little girls running around in those delightful dresses.

  6. Wowee, look at them all! Hope we do get to see some pics of the girls in them! x


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