Sunday, 5 June 2011

You shall go to the ball!

I'm going to a fundraising ball in July. Its being organised in aid of a testicular cancer charity. My friend Laura's husband was treated for testicular cancer last year so we are having a table at the event. I'm really looking forward to it but was a bit worried about what to wear. I'm a jeans and trainers kind of girl and I don't really do dresses. However, I have finally found something I like that looks ok so I shall go to the ball. This is it....

Its feels a bit like a retro 1950's prom dress and even has a net petticoat underneath. Its so not me but I love it!! So hair up or down??

Talking of dresses, I have a dress named after me!! How cool is that? The lovely Sarah at Three yellow ducks is making 10 dresses (yes 10!!!) for my 'dress a girl around the world' appeal. Sarah very kindly named the first dress after me!! So here is the Sew Scrumptious dress....

How pretty is that! It comes with a little matching bracelet. Sarah is also offering to make more of these dresses to sell with 25% of the profits being donated to the charity. What a fantastic idea! Thanks so much. Pop over to the Three little ducks facebook page as Sarah makes gorgeous dresses and is also very lovely!

Heres a sneaky peek at another of the dresses. Can't wait to see them!

Talking of lovely people, Kerry from Strawberry Annies is having a giveaway! You can win one of her fabulous tutu's and lots of hair accessories by entering here. Thats a prize bundle worth over £50!!

We won a tutu last year on Strawberry Annies blog which you can find here and they are beautiful. Really well made and very very pretty. Kerry is also very kind and was one of the first people to send me a pillowcase dress. Kerry also has a facebook page here.

Good luck if you enter!!


  1. I love the black dress, it is so retro! And how cute are those little dresses - fame at last!

  2. Gorgeous dresses but especially the one you'll be wearing to the ball! It's fab. Hair most definitely up (says she who NEVER wears her hair up) but with that dress you've just got to. Why don't you treat yourself and get a hairdresser to put it up for you? x

  3. Those dresses are so sweet. If you can put your hair up I definitely think that's the way to go. It will go perfectly with your lovely retro dress.

  4. Why am I trekking up three mountains for charity when I could have just got glammed up and gone to a ball? I must be mad! That is a lovely dress, I'd say hair up too.

    More lovely pillowcase dresses too, you MUST be aprroaching your goal now?! x


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