Friday, 17 June 2011

Overwhelmed by kindness

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of people who have taken the time to make pillowcase dresses for me. Receiving each package of dresses really makes my day and restores my faith in human nature. Today was no exception. The VERY lovely Helen from The Undomesticated Scientist sent me 2 parcels. They contained 9 (yes 9!!) pillowcase dresses to add to the 1 that Helen had already sent. Not only were all the dresses gorgeous (more of that later) but Helen also sent me

The most beautiful lavender hanging heart (which is now in my sewing room) and

A £5 contribution towards the cost of postage to America collected by Helens 'Praise and Play' group. This was such a thoughtful gesture and much appreciated! Thank you so much Helen. Right back to the dresses...

The first two dresses are made from a mixture of pillowcases and fabric. Its such a great way of using up smaller pieces of fabric by using them as a band at the bottom of the dress.

I just LOVE this fabric. I have to find out what it is and buy some of it!

Dresses 3 and 4 are made using a method that Helen found in an old sewing book. I've learnt so much about sewing since starting this appeal. Its called the button hole method and the ties are threaded through 2 button holes on the front of the dress. Brilliant!

Dresses 5 and 6 were made with a contrasting fabric band with another lovely fabric.... 

Dresses 7 and 8 were both made from this lovely shooting stars fabric which I believe was once a duvet cover!

and last but not least no. 9 was a sweet little lemon dress with handmade bias binding on the arms and hem. So pretty.

Helen is running a great swap over on her blog so pop along and sign up here. Swaps are so much fun!

You can also see her Facebook page here

Did I mention I went to see Take That??? It was fantastic!!

I wasn't one of those drunk brawling women in all the papers though ...honestly!!

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  1. Louise - the fabric is by Jay McCarroll from his Garden Friends line, that one is called Ivy League Bees I think. It is very cool I made a dress for my niece using the bees and the fabric in 6&7 (from the same range). He has a new line out called Habitat which is completely different but very fantastic.


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