Friday, 20 May 2011

We've hit the mid 30's....almost!

Another 4 beautiful dresses arrived today taking the grand total to 33 dresses! Thats fantastic and there are still lots more to come.

Katie sent me 3 beautiful dresses (with some assistance from her mum who made one of them!). Katie has a lovely website called Kotori Kits which sells sewing kits which enable you to make things like dressing up costumes and bunting amongst other things. You can also find them on facebook here

The first dress was a gorgeous blue floral fabric with pink ties. Its so pretty.

I love the beads on the ties. I am definately going to do this on my next dress.

I love the fabric on this second dress too. Does anyone know what it is? I quite fancy a skirt made out of this myself. Lovely!

and Katies mum very kindly made a dress for a slightly older girl which is a great idea and something I hadn't really given much thought too. Its a great idea to make different sizes to make sure that every little girl gets a dress which fits. Its made from a pretty floral fabric and uses lace for the ties which is another really pretty idea.

The other package I received today was from Mary who has a lovely blog called Mary Poppins. Its one of my favourite blogs with so many pretty things to look at!

This pretty dress is made from a vintage pillowcase with red ties and and red appliqued heart.

Such pretty fabric

Mary also sells lots of pretty handmade things in her folksy shop here. Thanks guys. I really appreciate you making and sending your dresses.

I also wanted to share another photo of one of the dresses on my last post. I took a photo of the wrong side and missed this gorgeous detail. Its the little details like this that I find so inspiring so couldn't not share.

As we get more and more dresses in I'm wondering whether I should try and get a company to sponsor the postage. I was thinking of contacting some well known sewing machine manufacturers or even someone like John Lewis or Cath Kidston who might like the idea of what we are doing and pay for the postage and give it a bit of publicity. What do you think? Any thoughts or ideas welcome. 


  1. Gorgeous dresses, love the rosali case! Both senders have done themselves very proud! I Mary Poppins blog too!

  2. Very good idea about the postage! Maybe Hobbycraft? I can't really think of any other big fabric/haberdashery retailers apart from the dept stores, will muse on it a while longer!

    Love that lace binding, and the beads on the ties - hadn't thought of that! xx

  3. Maybe have a look on to work out what the postage cost would be and maybe those of us who aren't going to have time to make dresses could contribute towards the postage instead? You could either taken contributions through Paypal or do a fund raising raffle asking people do donate prizes.

  4. What about Sew Hip? After all they were they ones who sparked you off! Good publicity for them too. Please email me your address for the dresses I have ready to go. Mx

  5. Just a little wave from

    I made you a dress (see latest blog) through Kryshees who put me on to your fantastic idea. Mine is for an older girl and I made it from a Cath Kidston pillowcase - proper designer wear :D

  6. Wow! What can i say, all these dresses are amazing. I have been busy this last couple of weeks with my kids school activities so havent checked your site, so it was a big surprise today, these are just great.

  7. Hi

    What an amazing idea - its truly fab. Material you like is IKEA, (orange and pink floral with black lines?) Its at 99p per metre at my local store. Best be quick!

    Good luck with your target



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