Sunday, 22 May 2011

We're on a roll so lets aim for 100!!

I'm feeling motivated and inspired after the lovely Lucy from Tete en l'air sent me 3 gorgeous pillowcase dresses which brings the total to 36 and the very lovely Krysia informed me that she had another 16 ready to send me after recruiting her whole village to get involved!! So thats at least 50 dresses with lots more promised. But thats not enough!! I think we need to show people what we British can do. Lets try and get 100 dresses to send!! How fantastic would that be?? I'm extending the deadline to the end of June to give people a bit more time and next week on my week off I'm going to try and get some photos of all the dresses so far to try and drum up a bit of publicity via the local paper. Are you in? All ideas welcome!

Moving on to Lucy's beautiful dresses. What I love about all these dresses are all the added details like buttons and pockets. Gorgeous!

Lucy managed to do these little collage photos of the details on her blog which I loved so I have stolen them borrowed them to show you here. Hope thats ok Lucy??!

This pretty dress has a lace and ribbon trim and 2 pretty little gathered pockets

and this lovely yellow dress has red buttons and ric rac and I love the little floral pocket.

I really love the pockets Lucy has made and will definately be making them like this in the future. So much prettier that the square pockets I would usually do. I have got so many new ideas from all the dresses I have received. Each one is so different and unique.

Thanks Lucy. The dresses are beautiful. Check out Lucy's lovely blog here

So how about it everyone? Could people blog/tweet/facebook about the appeal please and encourage their friends to join in. It would be really great to reach 100!


  1. Great idea Louise! I've finished my two and will send them tomorrow, I'll do a blog post about the appeal too. x

  2. What a great idea - I'll make some for you. Lucy's dresses are so cute :)

  3. What a great number of dresses received, all beautiful. Hope you reach the 100 mark. will keep popping back to see how it's going.

  4. Hi Louise - what's your address so I can send you one I've made. Cath x

  5. Glad you liked them! Best of luck reaching 100, it really seems to have taken off! xx

  6. Just read this Louise lol. Bet you did'nt imagine where this would lead.

  7. Just read this LOUISE. Bet you had no idea where this would lead you lol.


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