Sunday, 29 May 2011

Things to do in the holidays

We love making stuff in this house so we were very excited when the lovely people at Find me a gift website reminded us that it was half term next week and asked Izzy and I to review one of their fun items designed to keep children entertained during the half term holidays. They always seem to know exactly the right thing to suggest and Izzy chose a paint your own wellies kit which she thought was hilarious! I have to say that it was nice to do something not sewing related for a change too!
The kit contains a pair of wellies and some little tubes of special paint which dries hard and becomes waterproof so that the designs last once your children start wearing the wellies and jumping in puddles! Perfect for any children that like art and drawing. You just paint your design straight on to the boots.

 Can you see the concentration on Izzy's face!

It was really good fun. Izzy had a bit of trouble with the paint at the beginning as it comes out of the tube quite quickly sometimes but that just meant that I had to help and I probably enjoyed myself a bit too much!! Izzy got the hang of it after a while though and between us we designed these fantastic boots. We are just waiting for them to dry so that we can jump in puddles tomorrow!

We loved this kit and it kept Izzy entertained for ages plus she will be able to use them and show them off for months to come! They cost £14.99 and can be found on the Find me a gift website here. There is also a version for boys or if pink isn't your colour!

I am also very tempted by these gorgeous mosiac kits. Izzy is obsessed by all things princessey and fairylike at the moment so thinking these might be a great stocking filler (yes I know its still only May!).

Enjoy the half term holiday!!


  1. Love the paint your own wellies, how cool are they?! Bet Izzy will have a great time testing them out today - lots of puddles outside my windows this morning! x

  2. The mosaics are lovely - I am almost tempted to try one myself lol!! The wellies look awesome and Izzie should be very proud of herself. Sue x

  3. Saw these in a shop a few weeks ago and thought it was a really good gift idea.


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