Tuesday, 24 May 2011

So nearly at 40!!

We're hurtling towards 40 dresses now with 2 new lovely dresses today from Jane who has a fab blog called Handmade Jane which is one of my favourites. She makes all sorts of fabulous clothes and I am in total awe of her dressmaking skills! She didn't disappoint with the pillowcase dresses either...

I love this fabric and the red gingham binding looks gorgeous with it.

and why didn't I think about putting co-ordinating binding on the hem? Genius idea!

Love this one too. The fabric is so summery and fresh looking with the white binding.


Jane also send me this fab postcard which kind of sums up my life (pre children anyway!!) Its going up in my sewing room.

Thanks Jane. Lovely parcel of goodies.

I also received another dress today which some of you might recognise?

Leanne sent me an identical dress for the pillowcase appeal which a friend of mine completely fell in love with. Its her daughters second birthday this week-end so I ordered another mini version from Leanne for her birthday present. She is going to be thrilled! Leanne has a lovely folksy shop called Leanne Woods Designs which you can find here. She even packaged it up in a matching pouch. How cool is that? Attention to detail thats what I like!!

I've had lots more interest about making more dresses so thanks to everyone who is blogging and tweeting and generally supporting the cause. Its much appreciated!


  1. It was a pleasure to make the dresses. Ha, I thought long and hard before choosing your card and that one made me laugh, glad you liked it! x

  2. Hi there, just found you from Handmade Jane's blog and I'd love to get involved. Is there a deadline by which you need to receive the dresses and what's your address please - my email address is sklipikish[at]hotmail[dot]com. Apologies if you've already posted all this information somewhere!

  3. All these dresses are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. It's great to see how everyone puts their own mark on these dresses.

  5. i have a dress for you if you'd like it. Its no where near as fab as the others you've been featuring but it may help up your numbers. I'll pop it on my blog too. Where do you want me to send it? helenjwright at hotmail.com

  6. These dresses are beautiful, am kinda nervous to send you mine now! I didn't shape them as well as these ones so mine are more boxey, might try a few more shaped.
    I haven't been in touch for a while as I've been so busy sewing! I'll be sending you my first batch of around 15 dresses but am off to Scotland for the long weekend so I'll do it next week. Got a few more to finish off.
    Hope you like them!

    Kerry x

  7. Hey Louise, just sending you my email address:

    I have some other dresses I've made which I'll send too and also some applique baby vests which I thought they might appreciate too. Will contact you on Tuesday to get your postal address.

    Kerry xxx

  8. It's great seeing so many gorgeous dresses pouring in and with so many more still to come. You'll be running out of places to put them soon:) I'm glad the dress arrived safely and the pillow box sort of made it through the post (they never hold up to well to RM).

    Leanne xx


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