Sunday, 15 May 2011

My legs ache

I ran the Bristol 10k this morning and I actually managed to run the whole way in just over an hour!! I am feeling pretty pleased with myself. I thought I would take before and after shots (just to prove to people who know me that I did actually do it!)

I am with my super fit sister in law Liz. She ran it in 45 minutes!!!

I did eat a Mcdonalds about 10 minutes after this picture was taken. Is that wrong?!

I have been a bit rubbish at training recently and was really worried that I may have to walk part of the way but the event was so inspiring that it kept me going. I kept thinking about the charity I was running for (TBACT) which works on behalf of abandoned and disabled children in Bulgaria. Children who are forced to live in truely appalling conditions in large institutions with very little care or love. I will be posting about the work that TBACT are doing very soon with an update on the money I have raised. Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me. I really do appreciate it particularly in these hard times.

I also received 3 more gorgeous pillowcase dresses yesterday. All from the lovely Leanne who has a fab folksy shop called Leanne Woods Designs which sells all sorts of  handmade textiles. Not only did Leanne send 3 dresses but she had also made 3 matching hair scrunchies to coordinate with each dress!! What a genius idea. This appliqued flower is so sweet.

I love the matching beads on the ties too. Such a lovely little detail. Check out the hair scrunchie!

This pretty little dress has another lovely appliqued flower which also co-ordinates with the band at the bottom of the dress and the hair scrunchie.

and I love the contrast of the dark fabric against the white of this dress with its three sweet little hearts.

Thanks Leanne they are beautiful. Leanne has a lovely blog too which you can find here

Also I know that Blogger was playing up when I posted about the 4 gorgeous dresses I received from Beatrice at Frogs+Sprogs so if you haven't already seen them then have a look here. They are really pretty and well worth a look!


  1. Well done you! :o) And I think you deserved the McD's!

    C x

  2. You look fantastic for running it that quick! I ran the Great North Run a couple of years ago and looked completely haggered after. I too had nourishment of the burger kind after!! Well deserved! Well done x Sue x

  3. Well done! The McDonalds was vital sustenance after all that hard work:)
    Love Leanne's dresses too - you're going to have a huge pile of dresses to send off!

  4. Big well done, I'd have had to walk it burger in hand:)

    Leanne xx

  5. Congrats I'm not sure I could run 10 yards let alone 10K.

  6. Well done! No way could I run anywhere near that, you did great :) Jenny x

  7. I've only come across your blog today - via Handmade Janes blog roll.
    Just wanted to say congrats on the run and I think its a fabulous cause you're supporting. I have watched the Bulgaria's Abandoned Children documentaries and they were just heartbreaking. Its a cause I would love to get involved in.

    Anyhoo, well done again!

  8. Well done you - brilliant time too! Fab idea on the scrunchies, the girls will love them :)


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