Sunday, 8 May 2011

Goodbye Dummy, I am a big boy now!

Sam has always had a dummy at night and during naps. This was fine as he never really wanted it at other times but recently he has been wanting it more and more and has started whinging for it all the time saying he is tired just to try and get it. He is 3 in August so yesterday we decided we should just get rid of the dummies altogether so we told Sam that his little cousin Tess needed them. We asked if he would post his dummies to her and he agreed!! We made a card and popped all the dummies in an enveloipe (even the ones he had hiden away!)

He was such a good boy because last night he went to bed for the first time without a dummy and didn't even mention it. He did wake up during the night but because his room was too dark! He didn't ask for a dummy. This is all going too well!! Its the calm before the storm. Just you wait...

Well done Fireman Sam


  1. Bet you are over the moon at how smoothly it's gone so far - really hope it lasts for you! I remember my little sister would not give up hers so easily! x
    p.s how cute is he in his fireman outfit? :)

  2. Well done Sam! Hope all goes well in the week ahead! My Amy used to sit with a blanket over her head so as people could not see such a big girl (5) with a dummy! Really thought she would never give it up!

  3. What a good boy, it must be so hard for him. bet you are super proud.
    fingers crossed for tonight
    j x

  4. Well done indeed! My youngest has just turned 3 and we haven't tackled the dummy yet as we've just successfully completed the toilet training! Dummy is next! x


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