Sunday, 1 May 2011

Finding the perfect present

I was recently asked by a lovely website called find me a gift to review one of their products. They offered me several lovely craft kit options to choose from and I opted for this cute little Heart Sewing Kit as I have been teaching Izzy to sew recently and she loves butterflies!

I was really impressed when it arrived. This little kit only costs £1.99 so I wasn't expecting too much but the packaging was lovely and it felt like it should cost much more. It would make a great gift to take to a birthday party or as a stocking filler. 

The little kit was perfect for Izzy. It  was one step up from the kits we have tried previously as this one does not have pre punched holes in the felt so it meant proper sewing! Izzy did a fab job stitching around the edge of the heart pretty much by herself (while dressed as a princess!!).

She stuffed the heart herself before we attached the hanging bit. The kit instructions were to glue this bit but we sewed it on and did a bit of 'free style' adding a button of our own! We also added a couple of buttons to the flowers (as the button tin was out!) but they would have looked just as nice without.

Izzy decorated the butterfly wings using felt tips (not supplied). We were going to glue the butterflies on as suggested but realised we didn't have any suitable glue so I sewed them on instead. The finished heart looked great and Izzy is very excited about hanging it up in her bedroom.

I really liked this kit. It was beautifully packaged and would really appeal to little girls learning to sew. The felt was really good quality and the end result was really nice. Most importantly Izzy really enjoyed making it. The kit would probably suit a slightly older child as Izzy is only 5 but she managed to do a lot of it herself and if we had used glue as per the instructions she would have been able to do even more. I think this kit is an absolute bargain at £1.99.The only thing I would change is that the kit didn't include either a needle or glue.

I thought I would share a couple of other things I found on the find me a gift website which I really liked...

This lovely Joseph Joseph Nest of Bowls which includes 4 bowls, a colander, sieve and measuring spoons. Perfect for some friends who are getting married. 

This little dog toothpaste cover would be great for little people who don't like cleaning their teeth very much (Izzy!). A bargain at £2.49

and I love this cute little soldier Egg Cup Set which includes a toast cutter which makes real toast soldiers. Genius!

The website has thousands of gift ideas and is perfect for a bit of inspiration and especially good for those of us with young children. Its so much easier shopping with a laptop and a glass of wine than with two small children under five!


  1. this is so sweet! well done, Izzy!

  2. What unusual items, just off for a peek! x

  3. Oh my gosh I want the toast cutter. The dog toothpaste squeezer is a great idea. That might make it to my bathroom.
    Great work on the heart and butterflies Izzy it looks great :o))
    Love that it was made while dressed as a princess.

    {Dab and a dash.}

  4. what a great gift at a bargainous price x

  5. I love this site, lucky you getting chance to test products! I'm off to buy a couple of these for my present cupboard as they are ideal for my family's great group of girlies who love to craft!

  6. Oh my - absolutely have to get the egg and soldiers set for Milo. Love it! And well done to Izzy - her heart looks fabulous. :)


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