Wednesday, 11 May 2011

14 plus 5 minus 1

It was all going so well. My first ever pillowcase dress was taking shape and I have to say I was rather proud of my efforts.

I had just finished and was proudly checking it over when disaster struck and I noticed this...

A HOLE!! Thats not supposed to be there. My bias binding wasn't sewn on properly. I won't repeat the words that I used when I saw this. They weren't good words!! So I've just unpicked all the binding on that side and I'll need to redo it before I can count my dress as finished.

Anyway lets talk about people who can sew properly......

These 2 gorgeous dresses were sent from Claire who has a lovely website called FeltLikeStitchin. These dresses were both made from actual pillowcases which I love. This fabric is so pretty and delicate looking...

Love this floral one too with its yellow ribbon trim. Really summery looking.

Zoe who has a lovely folksy shop called Posy Sews also sent 2 beautiful dresses. A gorgeous blue dress with red spotty ties, ric rac and a lovely appliqued flower. Another great idea.

and how lovely is the umbrella fabric on this little dress. So so pretty.

Thanks Claire and Zoe for sending beautiful dresses and inspiring me with your designs!

Thats 18 received so far and lots more on the way!!


  1. Oh you poor thing! I can just imagine. Love the umbrellas!

  2. Oh, that's so annoying when that happens!

    I found 4 pillowcases when I was sorting out my craft room last night, which I think I bought with the intention of making little dresses. I'll see if I can get them done on a useful timescale!

  3. Grrr! Wish you had told us exactly what you said! lol! I can imagine how you felt though :-(

    Those dresses really are very pretty though, what a great idea!

  4. Oh I know the feeling well, most of my swearing is done when I sew!!

  5. this very nice and creative,,


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