Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sewing and Giving

This week has been really hard. Friday was my father in laws funeral and we have all just spent the week-end staying at his house. All 8 of his grandchildren were playing in his beautiful garden all week-end and it just seems unreal that it is probably the last time we will all be there together. Several small things have really cheered me up this week though and I wanted to mention them as they both involve other bloggers..

Firstly Jane who has a lovely blog called Handmade Jane emailed me to say that inspired by one of my earlier posts about raising money for charity through sewing, she had organised a coffee morning selling her own gorgeous items and donated 25%  of the proceeds to the PTA of a local school for autistic children. Jane raised a fantastic £170. I am so impressed and to think I might have inspired her efforts in any way REALLY cheered me up tonight. Also thanks to Gill at The Vintage Gardener for buying one of my little sewing kits. The money from the sale of  the sewing kits is donated to my chosen charity Bulgaria's Abandoned  Children. Not only did Gill kindly buy one, she also sent me some lovely feedback when she received it. Thanks to both of you for cheering me up!

I was also inspired by an article in Sew Hip magazine this month. They featured a charity called 'Dress a girl around the world. The charity has the ambition that  every little girl in the world should own at least one dress and asks people who can sew to make simple little pillowcase dresses to send to girls in deprived countries. The charity behind  the project 'Hope 4 Women International' have so far delivered more than 17,000 dresses to children in 35 different countries. They have set themselves a target of 50,000 dresses in the next year. So can you help? Anyone want to join me  in making some pillowcase dresses to send? I'm happy to co-ordinate it all if anyone wants to make some dresses and send them to me. I know there are some fantastic sewers out there who might  be able to help. If you are interested, please email me or leave a comment so I can contact you. There is a great link on this blog if you are using fabric rather than upcycling actual pillowcases - Sew Delightful. Please feel free to  spread the word  on your blogs or on twitter. It would be great to get the sewing/blogging community making dresses. Can you imagine how gorgeous the dresses would be and how happy they would make some little girls!

I thought I would also share the heart swap goodies I sent to Cate at Vintage Mum as part of the Heart Swap

 Some heart shaped cookie cutters and heart shaped silicone cupcake cases

A heart shaped paperweight - all the profits go to a childrens centre helping disadvantaged children in Keyna

 Some lovely heart pins
 A cute little handmade purse.

 A heart shaped pin cushion
 A little handmade needlecase

 A little vintage union jack heart, some love heart sweets and some heart chocolates
 and some heart sprinkle things and some cute little wooden hearts


  1. I'm so sorry about your sad loss, it takes a very strong person to still find things to smile about at times like that, big hugs xx

    I too was very excited by the Sew Hip article, I've never attempted the pillowcase dress but was going to do a test run and see how I got on. If they look wearable then I wanted to produce as many as I possibly could.
    I'm off to dig out the pattern again and have a read through but I'm very much with you on this one!

    Kerry xxx

  2. Hi Louise - I would definitely be interested in this! What a lovely idea!

  3. I already make them so would be happy to donate one for the charity. Where shall I send it?


  4. Hiya, I'll do a dress (if it's not beyond my capability!). Let me know where and when!

    Ceri (another one!)

  5. Hi, I just took part in an American sew-along for dress a girl around the world, it was great fun and I ended up getting a bit obsessed and making 15 dresses, I'd be really keen to get involved - how about a sew-along for later in the year? See my blog posts(there are a few throughout the sew-alnog) first one here:
    there is a link there to Vanessa's tutorial for a pillowcase dress which works well.


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