Thursday, 28 April 2011

And another two makes six!

I am so loving my postman at the moment. Every day I seem to come home to a gorgeous parcel full of pretty pillowcase dresses. All thanks to the generosity of you lovely bloggers. Talk about restoring my faith in human nature!

Today bought another two (yes two!) pillowase dresses from the very kind Amanda who has a lovely Folksy shop called Plum Porridge (great name!) selling fabric hearts and door stops. First was a very pretty dress made from a gorgeous floral fabric. It has a real 'vintage' look. I love it.

What I love is that all the dresses I have received so far have been slightly different in design. I have very little experience in making clothes and I am loving seeing how everyone makes their dresses and the different finishing touches they have added. Its really inspiring.
These pillowcase dresses have one continuous tie and so have a bow on one side rather than two which I really love.

The second dress is a really pretty fabric covered with tiny pink flowers. It has a band of dark pink fabric at the bottom with coordinating pink ties. Another gorgeous dress.

Thanks Amanda. They are beautiful!


  1. They're lovely! Very girlie! :)

  2. I'd love to participate along with my daughter. Is there a final date for getting them to you

    Kate x

  3. There are all so lovely. I don't have a sewing machine or i'd be having a go too. If they really were made from pillow cases i'd have a better shot.
    I really hope you get lots more for your amazing cause.

  4. They are fab well done ladies, I've got 4 'almost' finished!
    You can make them for real pillowcases - I've done it, it's very satisfying!


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