Thursday, 10 March 2011

Your wish is my command!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post. Several people have asked if I could share how to do the lined PE bags where you can't see the seams. My way is a bit of a mish mash of lots of different tutorials I've come across over the years and a bit of trial and error so I can't point you to one particular tutorial I'm afraid. I've therefore decided to do a tutorial of my own!! I was going to make a personalised PE bag for Izzy's cousin who is 5 soon so I'll photograph it as I do it and try and explain the process. I'm a bit scared now - the pressure!! Watch this space next week....

It was the pre school fundraising night last night which was a great evening. I did fairly well but its always difficult to judge what people want as this type of event. I got lots of 'oohs and ahhs' and gave out lots of cards which is good. I always find I get orders months later when birthdays come up and people remember me so fingers crossed. I  took some pictures of the stall. Hilariously the bag right at the back with red apples on is actually on the stall behind me but I ended up winning it in the raffle later in the evening.

There was a lovely stall called Chocolate One selling chocolate gifts. I love this gorgeous flowerpot and flowers. Everything is made out of chocolate! The pot, the filling in the pot, the stalks and the flowers. Gorgeous! I am very tempted to get one as a present for my sister in law for her birthday.

They also did marshmallows dipped in chocolate which looked like a bouquet of flowers. Such a lovely idea and the packaging was so pretty. They have a little shop in Portishead and a website here so check  them out


  1. Your stall looks so cute! I was really drawn to this post by all the lovely pastel colours.

  2. It all looks lovely! It's always hard to know what will sell. We crafters are so optimistic!
    I do hope you get lots of "after -sales" -your work is so attractive.

  3. Louise -
    This post is great and so helpful for me as I attempt my first craft fair next week. Your table and especially your products are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!

    PS - I came over from Handmade Jane.


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