Sunday, 13 March 2011

Spreading the love Interflora style

One of the many things I love about blogging is that you occasionally get the opportunity to review things. I generally say no but I couldn't resist when Interflora asked me to choose something from their website to review in the lead up to Mothers Day on 3 April. It felt a bit wrong getting the flowers for myself though so I asked if they could be sent to a friend of mine who I felt really deserved cheering up.

My friend Laura has had a tough year. I posted about her husbands battle with prostate cancer here only a few months ago. Well a couple of weeks ago he found out that he now has Thyroid cancer. Its not related apparently. Its just REALLY bad luck. The lovely people at Interflora sent the bouquet to Laura instead and it arrived yesterday (just as her husband went into hospital to have the first part of his treatment - a pretty big operation to remove his thyroid) so was perfectly timed.

I love flowers so I couldn't wait to see them and they were absolutely beautiful! A lovely hand tied Sunflower bouquet that arrived in a massive box. This is how the flowers looked on the website

The flowers that arrived were just as gorgeous. I went round to my friends to take a sneeky peek and a photo. I know my friend well so I asked for the gift set that also included chocolates. They went down very well!!

My friend was over the moon with the gift. She said how lovely it was to receive flowers out of the blue and that she was really touched that someone had gone to the trouble of ordering them for her. It was this part of the experience as much as the actual flowers themselves that made it so special. I thought this was really interesting. I could have gone round with a bunch of flowers myself as its easy to buy flowers in most supermarkets now but there is something extra special about getting a knock on the door and someone handing you a bouquet (not that it happens to me very often!). I do remember when both my children were born receiving several gorgeous bouquets through Interflora and they really made me smile all day.

I had a look at the Interflora website and they have some fantastic Mothers Day Ideas. I have dropped strong hints to my other half! They also do a fantastic range of Gift Hampers if flowers are not your thing. They even do gorgeous biscuits and cupcakes now. Check out this fabulous shoe biscuit and mug gift set.  Pefect for a yummy mummy!
Interflora have VERY kindly offered me a bouquet to give away on my blog so check back next week for a fantastic Mothers Day giveaway. The lucky winner will receive this gorgeous scented Spring bouquet and wine gift set worth £36.95 which will be delivered in time for Mothers Day.

Thank you Interflora and lots of love and luck to Laura and her husband Mike.


  1. The flowers look gorgeous! What a lovely friend you are, and my thoughts go out to your good friends at this time. I think I am going to slip my OH the interflora website as a hint for Mothers Day now. B:) x

  2. Wow, this is brillaint, the flowers look gorgeous, and how kind of interflora, that is impressive : ) xxx

  3. Flowers can always cheer you up, your right about the knock at the door it does make it special.
    Special thoughts for your friend
    Cate x


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