Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Please can I stop sewing now?

I'm having a stall at a fundraiser for our local pre school soon so I have been sewing like a maniac!! I've tried  some new things this time. Things like these hair clip tidies. You can't see the bottom but they turn up with a popper so that you can hang hair bobbles at the bottom.

I also made some gardening bags. They include a mini trowel, mini spade and mini rake along with some gardening gloves and a grow your own sunflower kit.

I got a bit obsessed with making PE bags or dap bags as I used to call them at school. I made loads. I discovered a new method of making them so that you can't see any of the seams inside on the lining.

Some more little purses

Lots of pencil and felt tip rolls
A few new bibs
and tooth fairy cushions

So thats it. No more sewing for a while. I'm done!!

We went to London at the week-end on the train to see Jon's sister and her family. The children loved the train and it worked really well and was much quicker than driving. Izzy and Sam loved seeing their cousins including the very cute 9 month old twins.


  1. Wowser, great work! Your fabrics are fantastic, I would make sure I took a very 'heavy' purse. The sofa of kids looks like a handful of trouble! ;)

  2. I really think you deserve a rest, everything looks so lovely, hope the stall does well.
    Cate x

  3. Wow you have been busy, they're gorgeous!

  4. Wow, you have been busy! You have a lovely selection of fabrics and everything looks great. I've been having a go at some drawstring bags and would love to know your method for seams not showing, if you're able to share :)

  5. love the hairclip tidies! (and everything else!) Could you possibly share your "bag with no seams" method? It sounds useful!
    Ceri x

  6. Every single thing you've made is just lovely. I hope you sell loads. x

  7. You have been busy - love all the fabric you have used!


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