Friday, 18 March 2011

Hello. Is that Fireman Sam? Can you tell Sam to eat his peas please.

This week I have discovered that I can make Sam do whatever I want by pretending to phone Fireman Sam.
Its fantastic! Sam has always had a bit of an aversion to fruit and veg and we've tried all sorts to get him to try new things. Not any more though. Want him to eat peas? Just phone Fireman Sam. Melon? Not a problem. Phone Fireman Sam. Time to go to bed? Fireman Sam says its time. He just does whatever we pretend Fireman Sam is telling him. Not sure how long I can spin this one out but its been a genius idea even if I say so myself!
I've had a really great week. I've sold 6 items including one of the charity sewing kits so I've  been able to donate the money to my chosen charity which supports Bulgaria's Abandoned Children. I also received some lovely  feedback which really made my day. To top it off  I am very excited as I won a giveaway on the lovely Angel Eden blog. 2 tickets for the Sewing for Pleasure, Hobbycrafts and Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show/exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. See here for more info. Is anyone else going? I'm really excited. A whole day of browing sewing related things. Heaven!

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p.s thanks to everyone who has nominated me for various blog awards over the last few weeks. I do really appreciate it. I just don't seem to get the time to pass them on sometimes and do all the links etc. Thanks for thinking of me though. Also next week I'll  do my PE bag tutorial as promised!


  1. That made me giggle - if only Fireman Sam had such hold in this house! I could try it with Peppa or Dora I suppose....

  2. Haha love it. My sister in law always threatens my nephews with me! only because they don't want me to think they naughty not because im nanny mcphee type character lol.
    Well done on sales :o)

  3. Ha! For my Sam it's Dr Brown Bear from Peppa Pig. When Dr Brown Bear (my husband) calls him from the surgery (under the stairs)and tells him to go to bed Sam practically flies up the stairs!
    I'm dreading the day he doesn't believe it anymore!

  4. Lol I must try that ... I think we might have to call Special Agent Oso (I know, don't ask ...) x

  5. We used to call father christmas. I rang my dad one day and asked if that was santas grotto. . .

  6. Hi thanks for the tips, for my mom I offer an amazing bouquet thanks to the Interflora promotional code I get on Shoocare.


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