Thursday, 17 February 2011

We have the pox!

Chicken pox that is (or chicken pie as Sam has just told his Grandma). I wasn't expecting that although it would explain Sam's 40 degree temperature last night and his extreme grumpiness yesterday. Luckily he doesn't seem to have too many spots so I'm hoping it stays like that! Poor thing. Its amazing how quickly these things come on. This was Sam yesterday with his little cousin George looking as right as rain

 and this is him today on his sick bed

Hope he gets better soon. I'm not looking forward to the next 5 days or so stuck in the house!

I've actually been sewing this week. I've got a table at a fundraising evening for pre school coming up so thought I'd better get on with something. I made some felt tip rolls

I finally got round to making a drawstring bag for Sam in his favourite pirate material. I was quite pleased with it and have decided to make lots more to sell. My first one was with my favourite cowboy fabric

and a few more tu tu's

Plenty more sewing to do though......


  1. Sorry to hear Sam is poorly - it's not much fun for anyone is it? Hope he gets better quickly. You've certainly been busy with the sewing x

  2. Hope Sam gets better soon and good luck with your fundraising event!

  3. Poor Sam - hope he gets over his Chicken Pie quickly.

    Love you makes - sure they'll go down really well :)

  4. Poor little man I'm sure he will be up and about soon. Your sewing is lovely.

  5. Hope Sam gets beeter soon!! Love the Hello Kitty pencil roll! How much do you sell those for?? I have a neice who would love one!!

  6. Hope he's feeling better soon!Chicken pie made me giggle!

  7. I'm sorry to hear that your little boy is unwell. Chicken pie sounds much more pleasant than the pox. I adore the car material you've used for your felt-tip rolls. Do you plan on making some like that for your folksy store? My son would love it!

  8. hee hee - just read your post - we have the pox too! Nick's Betsy has too - must be doing the rounds..... Hope Sam's on the mend. Tom managed to explode in spots while we were half way through our trip to Barcelona! It was interesting.....
    Lovely things you have made - you have been busy indeed! xx


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