Sunday, 20 February 2011

Loving u tube today!

I'm currently training to run the Bristol 10k  in May. I hate exercise of any kind and I have absolutely no self motivation so its a real struggle for me to go out and train. The only way I can do it is by joining up and getting sponsors early on. That way I have to train and I have to run the race. I've been pretty good so far. This morning I did 5k and actually left my family eating bacon sandwiches to go out and run!! When I got back Jon had sent me a link to this video on u tube. Its pretty inspirational. If this guy can run a marathon then I can do a 10k.

While I was on U tube I thought I would find and share this video with you too. Its of the Black Eyed Peas doing a version of 'I've gotta feeling' (a song I love) but with a difference. Check out the crowd and watch out for Oprah swearing!! Yes THAT Oprah!! It takes a minute or two to get going but go with it....



  1. What our Oprah, no, never! OMG! Yes!!!!
    Well done on your training schedule - what a great effort, you are so disciplined!

  2. Hi, nice vids.
    I really enjoy reading your blog! I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award. Details:


  3. I love abit of YouTube! Especially BEPeas! I have that album and we listen to on the school run, it always puts me in a good mood!
    Keep going with the running, 5K is amazing!


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