Monday, 14 February 2011

Its a Hello Kitty fest!

From the comments on my post about the Hello Kitty fabric, it seems that little girls nationwide are obsessed with Hello Kitty. Izzy and her friends certainly are at the moment. I'm not sure how this happened as its not something Izzy has ever watched on TV and I only found out last week that you can get the cartoons on DVD (thanks local library!). I'm just grateful that Izzy is now interested in something other than Disney Princesses so I am embracing this phase! We went shopping today and came across some lovely (and cheap!) Hello Kitty goodies which I thought I would share for those of you who also know Hello Kitty obsessed children. Look away now if you don't like pink.....

From Asda (bought by Izzy with her pocket money!)

From H&M

I thought this was more than enough Hello Kitty for one child but was also tempted to buy some for myself too! Some hair clips for some hair clip tidies I am making and some iron on patches. I also found some cute little button hair clips and some spotty mugs for only 63p each!!

Good days shopping I think!


  1. Flipping Heck...

    that is some kitty filled Haul. You've reminded me I bought some Hello Kitty Buttons...must go and look for them later... bought to make something for a long passed birthday...

  2. That's definitely a good days shopping! But Hello Kitty has always slightly bothered me...I thinks its because she has no can say 'hello kitty' as many times as you like but the poor thing can't answer you! ;)

  3. the weirdest thing I ever saw was the Hello Kitty vibrator! Don't believe me?

  4. I have 8 & 9 year old nieces so I've had plenty of opportunities to buy HK style - seems like its been popular for ages now.

  5. A very good shop, I love day's like that.
    There is an award waiting for you over on my blog xxx

  6. We love Kitty too. I found a tiny vintage Kitty lamp at my inlaws. I wonder when it was from.
    You can even get toasters. It isjust super cute.x


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