Sunday, 6 February 2011

I'm a lady!

Sam is clearly in touch with his feminine side.....

and there is more evidence

He is soooo going to kill me for this when hes older!!


  1. How happy he looks though! Childhood is so blissful: you are free to be whomever you feel like being!

  2. Aww how sweet, save those pics for his 18th birthday! :)
    Hayley x

  3. I have photos like that of my son who is now 23....and you are right ....he will kill you when he is older hehehe. I hope like mine, he is being brought up with a good sense of humour :-)
    A x

  4. I've got evidence of my son wearing a fairy skirt aged two which he HATES me even talking about, and he's only nine! Enjoy it while it lasts. x

  5. LOL. I am soo pleased that they all do it cause my son wants to be a princess and always chooses butterfly wings or something over the pirates and policemen. Though he did once choose the greens, but there is usually a fight for those at toddler group cause everyone wants to dress up like Daddy.
    He is so non plussed about the whole gender thing give it 6 months and he'll probably hate girls. lol

  6. My Sam is exactly the same! he often potters around in my shoes and puts my make up on. The other day he drew himself 'in a nice dress'. The only reason he hasn't worn a dress yet is that we don't own any! Although he did hold a purple flowery top to himself the other day & say 'Oh, this is boo-ful' (beautiful).
    Also he has a pink Peppa Pig poncho towel which is his pride & joy. He wears it to hoover. Yes I too will be embarrassing him with the pics on his 18th ;)


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