Saturday, 12 February 2011

I am soooo over Pom Poms

Saturdays have recently become the day that I do some sewing with Izzy. She is really keen to learn at the moment so I am going with it and we spend Saturday mornings making things while Sam is at football (no gender stereotypes in this house then!). Today I thought that I would show Izzy how to make a pom pom as I have vague memories of doing this when I was younger and I've got lots of wool lying about. I had a brief foray into the world of knitting a couple of years ago but just couldn't understand knitting patterns. They made my brain want to explode so I gave up. The reality is though that making poms poms is possibly THE most boring thing that you can choose to do FACT. Izzy has even less patience than me (which is really saying something) and her attention span lasted about 5 minutes before she said her arm was aching. I tried to finish it for her whilst giving a bit of a lecture about finishing things you have started before the tedium got to me too and I also abandoned it. Its sitting on the shelf waiting to be finished. The picture below is before the boredom set in......

We then decided that we should make something else and Izzy wanted to make a little hello kitty to hang on her door. We cut out some hello kitty fabric and teamed it up with a cute little pink spotty fabric and I showed Izzy how to pin, tack and then machine it. I actually forgot to leave a hole big enough to be able to turn it out and stuff it and so spent ages having to squeeze in minuscule amounts of stuffing through a tiny hole. Not sure I'm cut out to be a teacher! Anyway the finished product looked good enough and is now hanging proudly on Izzy's door.

Izzy then spotted some tiny little bells in my sewing room and insisted on making collars for her mouse and puppy. This was actually the thing she was most proud of when her brother came home from football and they spent all afternoon playing with them.

I actually made something last week too! A couple of tu tus for a fund raising evening that I am having a stall at soon. I have so much that I need to make. I'm starting to panic slightly. The tu tu's actually look much better than in the photo and I'm really pleased with them.

I've kind of rediscovered my love of ebay recently. I bought this gorgeous little vintage double desk last week. Its fab! Izzy absolutely loves it and has been sat at it today writing notes and making things.


  1. My daughter loves Hello Kitty no she's not 5 or 6 but 22 :)
    I did have an easy way of making pompoms I will see if i can remeber it for you
    The desk is so lovely
    cate x

  2. Oh I love, love, love that desk. She'll be carving her initials on the inside soon! x PS. Nice tutu too, I'm sure they'll sell in minutes.

  3. Your daughter is GORGEOUS! I have an 18 month old who loves Hello Kitty also!

    I have a BEAUTY GIVEAWAY on my YouTube channel if you're interested you can enter here:

    Good luck hun, take care x

    Angel of High Heels & Lipgloss


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