Monday, 3 January 2011

Sewing inspiration for 2011

I had a great Christmas and New Year and I'm feeling full of inspiration for the New Year. After my complete failure to achieve any of last years resolutions (see here) I've decided not to bother this year. Its very liberating! I am excited about 2011 though. Not least because I received some gorgeous sewing presents and I'm pretty keen to have a go at some free hand machine embroidery this year.

Izzy also got her first sewing machine for Christmas from her Grandma.

Its a proper working one. I LOVE it and so does Izzy. On Christmas day we made some little sleeping bags for her new Sylvanian animals. How cute are these?

We've already started collecting fabric and buttons and ribbons and have lots of ideas for things to make. Izzy already has her own little fabric stash including this new one...

and a lovely book full of ideas

I also got some lovely sewing goodies. Remember this gorgeous print - well its now waiting for a frame to hang in my sewing room. Its gorgeous!

and a gorgeous tin for my buttons

I also got one of these lovely fabric boxes from Seamstar. Its lovely and full of gorgeous fabric and ribbons.

and my new sewing foot ready for some freestyle macine embroidery

I can't wait to try it out....

I also got a super dooper new camera but you can't take a photo of your new camera with your new camera but its cool and pink and I love it.

Izzy also got a Barbie Puppy Swim School for Christmas. She LOVES it. I can seriously say its the worst invention ever. Its a toy that involves large quantaties of water.

Children + Water = DISASTER!!We have had a number of water incidents already and Barbie has now been banished to the bathroom.


  1. My 7 year old niece got her first machine for christmas too - she is planning to make bags for her and her friends :)

    Water + Barbie + children = banished forever?????

  2. LOL We have boys so no Barbie baths but sure something will turn up.
    All your new bits look fab.

  3. How pretty is that sewing machine!?! I sooo love it cos its pink AND polka dotty too! I agree with the watery pressie though! Yikes! love annie xx

  4. Oh I am jealous of Izzy's machine, Anya would love that! She is just starting to sew (sort of) and has taken to setting up in my work room, she moves my stuff out the way and has her fuzzy felt desk thing on my table with Radio 2 playing in the background!

    Happy New Year x

  5. Hi Louise, fab blog! I found you on BMB crafty bloggers group. I am also a sewer, although very novice)g! My daughter also got the Barbie puppy swim school for Xmas- we have it in the bath, less fun but she loves it! I love the sewing poster you have, where can you get one from? Look forward to following your posts and projects. From a kiwi mum living in the south west. Becky xx this is my blog


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