Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sewing and Supporting

I have been inspired recently by a couple of bloggers who have posted about supporting a charity by using their sewing skills in some way.

Abby from Mutterings from the Moor made some mini bears to be part of 'Towards Tomorrow' Packs that are given to bereaved parents who have stillborn children or children who die shortly after birth. You can find out more info here and Birgitta from Birgitta Designs blogged about supporting Refuge by making and selling some gorgeous fabric hearts and donating the proceeds.

They have really made me think about how I too might also support a charity in some way. We sponsor a child through Action Aid and donate money every now and then but it feels like I should be doing something more actively to make a difference. I have decided that this year I am going to have a nominated charity on my blog that I will actively raise money for. I've been thinking all weekend about who to support and what I can do and I have finally decided. A few years ago I watched a documentary about the lives of abandoned and disabled children in Bulgaria which shocked me to the core. Young children were starving to death and being ill treated and neglected in a European country that had just joined the European Union. The images that I saw have never left me and that is why I have chosen The Bulgarian Abandoned Childrens Trust as the charity that I will fund raise for this year.

If you want to see why I have chosen this charity please watch this film. You will never forget it.  Its called 'In the bleak midwinter' and says what I want to say much better than I ever could. It WILL make you cry.

Such was the outrage following the original documentary that things have changed for the better. The care home shown above has finally closed and all of the children have moved to better facilities but there are still hundreds of children living in appalling conditions in Bulgaria. All deprived of love and attention and basic care. If you want to see the second documentary where they revisit some of the children see here

To get the ball rolling I have just signed up for the Bristol 10k run in May (I must be insane!). I thought that I had better put my money where my mouth is and having signed up and made it public knowledge I now have to do it now and I can't back out. Any sponsorship money I raise I will donate to the charity. I don't want money from fellow bloggers though - I know that we are all bombarded by sponsorship requests etc all the time. It would be great though if you could blog about this post to raise awareness for the charity or even better if you too decided to support a charity on your blog this year. Now that would be great!

I've also got some really cute little sewing kits for sale in my Folksy shop. I'll donate the money from all of the sewing kits to the charity so if anyone is interested in buying a present for someone where the money does something good as well then check them out

Finally I'm going to organise a coffee morning for all my mum friends and charge them for their tea and cake!! I might do a bring and buy book sale too. Any other ideas? I need a target to set myself too I guess. What do we think?

I'm giving myself a final week of being a couch potato and then I'm going to start my new training schedule. I'm scared!!


  1. How wonderful that we are all being inspired by eachother, the sewing kits look great and are a fab idea, well done hun and good luck in your efforts :o) xxb

  2. Well done Louise, you've inspired me to hold a coffee morning for the National Autistic Society. It will probably be nearer Spring (need to make some things to sell first) but I'll blog about your post nearer the time. Very inspirational. Jane x
    PS. I'm afraid I couldn't watch the film, I cry very easily and know my limits. x

  3. Well done you. I have decided to raise some money for Youth Cancer Trust this year.
    I haven't decided how yet but I'll figure it out.
    Good luck with the run and all your efforts.

  4. Go for it! Great idea, to raise money for this charity. I am going to raise money for SWIFT emergency Service run by local GP's who assist at road side accidents etc. I will be happy to sponsor ya! B x

  5. THANK YOU...I posted the video and linked back to you :)

  6. I believe that I would like to post the link with a link back to your site this Sat. You are working for a worthy cause and your post has inspired me.

  7. I actually used your video as 'The Moment' for today on my site. This was my moment this week as I sat here in astonishment while watching this video. I felt in doing this, that it would get greater exposure of the video and your cause as all moments links are posted on the home page of the original blog holding this, and they also stream through a Blogger's group. Hopefully, many will visit your site today to read about your fund raiser. Please let me know if this helped in any way.


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