Saturday, 22 January 2011

Introducing Granny and Grandad Snuggles

Izzy bought Granny and Grandad Snuggles home from school yesterday.

She has been desperate to have them for months but they are only given to children who have been exceptionally helpful. Granny and Grandad Snuggles come home with you for the week-end and have a diary which you have to complete with stories and photos of things you have done with them.

I kind of decided that as we were going to the school barn dance that night I should make them suitable attire to wear. Is that a bit mad? I made both of them help of course

Granny Snuggles made herself a scarf and denim skirt

and Grandad Snuggles made himself a bandana scarf and a waistcoat. I had a go at making him a sheriff badge using my new freehand machine embroidery skills which clearly need a bit more practice. I REALLY do need to get out more!

. Izzy and Sam got dressed up too and off we all went to the barn dance

We had a great time. We just need to think of cool things to do with Granny and Grandad Snuggles tomorrow. Any ideas?


  1. What a wonderful idea! I see you really made the most of your visits from Granny and Grandad Snuggles! The kids look great in their outfit too!

  2. Well I hope Granny & Grandad enjoyed their night out and aren't suffering any ill effects from dancing/drinking ;)

    Perhaps today they'd like some quiet time - baking or just playing with the children.

    Wish they'd had something like this when me 2 were at school they'd have loved it.

  3. Gosh you're good! When Theresa Bear stayed with us for a week, I was counting the days till her return to school! And it wasn't even as if she was any trouble!!!

  4. Did they have fun?? They all look fantastic.
    We had Bert bear and took him PC world and he got stuck behind a display unit and came out very dusty! Dont think the staff were impressed either.
    {Dab and a dash.}


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