Saturday, 15 January 2011

Christmas drinks at last!

I went out last night to finally catch up with my friend Debi. We had been planning a Christmas drink but the snow and illness got in the way. We discovered a fantastic pub close to where we live which is really tucked away. Can't believe I didn't know it was there before. We had a few of these...

and then my lovely friend Debi presented me with 2 presents! They were so thoughtful and just perfect. Some lovely shiny love heart quilting pins
and a gorgeous handmade book mark which is just perfect for my new reading club book and has been put to use already...

Thank you Debi. I LOVED my presents and the night out! It was such fun.

Anyway my new training schedule has now started ready for the 10k run in May. On Thursday I actually did this....

An hour of Zumba which was really good fun even if I don't have any rthymn! However my hour of exercise was followed by this which I don't think is really what you are supposed to do..........

Izzy and I had our second sewing lesson today. I thought Izzy needed to practice doing hand sewing as well as using her machine. She's only 5 so a proper needle is still quite tricky but luckily I found a couple of starter sewing kits and they were prefect for practicing her handstitching. Izzy got the hang of the stitching really quickly and managed to do it all herself. It was great because with the plastic needle and pre-cut holes I could let Izzy do it by herself while I pottered around doing other things and she liked the fact I wasn't looking over her shoulder.

I think we will do more of these kits. They are a great way to learn the basics.

Another lovely day!


  1. A fantastic purse - well done little miss! My neice teaches zumba classes - they are great fun aren't they! I don't think she prescribes a chuck away meal afterwards though!! lol!!

  2. Better to do the exercise and have the takeaway rather than just have the takeaway!

  3. Ah, the purse is fab. How great learning to sew at such a young age x

  4. Hey great purse! Well done Izzy! Lu - fab night out - must do it again soon - felt like a teenager again! What a laugh xxx


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