Monday, 24 January 2011

First fabric splurge of the year

Its nearly February and I haven't bought any fabric this year. That can't be right can it? I was having withdrawal symptoms so took a little trip to my local fabric shop.

I love this bird fabric. I'm going to make a dress for Izzy I think.

I spotted a fabric from this range on Mary Poppins lovely blog and she very kindly gave me the details as I was going to try and find it online. I was very pleased when I saw they had this similar fabric locally. Sam fell in love with it too and insisted on carrying it round the shop for me. I feel a litle drawstring swim bag in the making.

Some more lovely spotty fabric. Baby blue and deep pink.

Some calico, denim and red gingham.

and a few fat quarters to play around with. Just need to get sewing now!

I actually went for a run yesterday!! It was only 3k but I felt physically sick at the end of it and today I can't move my legs. I beginning to feel a bit scared now about the prospect of running 10k. What have I done????


  1. I can't answer on the running question - at the moment even walking 10k would test my ankle.

    Have been good and not bought any fabric so far this year - however that might change soon - I need to think about making some spring clothes for me.

  2. Wonderful fabric - good luck with the running - am sure you will get there. x

  3. Wow! that was agood run, no wonder you are achey!

    The fabric is gorgeous - I love little birdies on anything!!

  4. I've been a follower of your blog for a while.. not sure if you've seen my beauty blog but I just wanted to let you know I now have a new YouTube beauty channel also.. take a look and subscribe when you have the chance. Thanks so much x

    Angel of High Heels & Lipgloss

  5. Gorgeous fabrics. One of the things on my list of things to try and do this year is sewing. . . I am going to get my machine from my mums, figure out how to use it and make stuff. Well thats the plan anyway. :o)

    Fiona @ Christals Creations.

  6. ALSO love the Bird Fabric...I too had a little splurge today on fabric...and some so now waiting by the letterbox with my tongue out.

    On that unattractive image...Bye! (sorry!)

    Happy Making!

  7. The bird fabric is gorgeous! Does it have a specific name do you know?! (slap wrist - I really shouldn't be hankering after more fabric!!)

  8. ooo scrummy - i am a complete fabric addict - i buy much more fabric than i make stuff and i'm starting to seriously overflow ha ha.

    I have the mermaid fabric xx

  9. You'll be fine with the 10k. I went fro m being able to run for 10 seconds and then 6 weeks later running a 5k. I found the pod runner intervals brilliant!

  10. Ooo - I love your fabric choices! I often wander into the fabric shop just to gaze at the beautiful fabrics - must buy some too!

  11. love the fabrics, especially the birds one x


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