Saturday, 8 January 2011

First Attempts

Here goes, my first attempt at free hand embroidery........

I got out the manual and tool kit

Put on the new foot and lowered the feed dogs

and had my first attempt with some sparkly new pink thread

It was great fun and I can't wait to have another go when I have a bit more time to play around. The possibilities are endless. What was hard was knowing what I wanted to do but not yet having the skill to make my hands and sewing machine do it! It made me think about how Izzy must feel now that she is learning to write. Its really hard!

Izzy and I also did some sewing together this morning. She said that she didn't want to go dancing as usual but wanted to spend some time in my sewing room with me making something.

We decided to make a lavender bag. Izzy drew around a template and cut out the fabric. She then pinned it together inside out

She was a natural at threading a needle

We then tacked it together

and then sewed it up on the super dooper spotty pink sewing machine

Izzy turned the bag inside out

Filled it with dried lavender (kindly donated by a lovely blogger last year when i was doing my 70 presents challenge)

We then stitched acrosss the top after adding a ribbon handle. We added 2 sparkly pink buttons and a tiny fish charm we found in my sewing box.

Voila! A mermaid lavender bag. We had such a lovely morning. I managed to stay calm and patient (mostly!) and Izzy really seemed to enjoy herself. She wants to do more next week so I'm keeping my eyes open for some new ideas. The finished item is now hanging on her bed!

What a lovely day.


  1. Oh what a lovely day and a gorgeous bag. How old was Izzy when you started showing how to sew?

    I tried free style stitching with very, very, bad results but I think I needed a different foot. You have inspired me to buy the proper foot and try again.

  2. What a lovely day! I can't wait till my little lady is old enough to do similar with, she already loves to sit on my knee when I sew! Must try the embroidery too, Ive been meaning to for ages. Love your first attempt.

  3. For a first attempt I'd say it was indeed "sew scrumptious"!! Izzy is a little star for making such a beautifully made mermaid lavender bag, well done I'm giving you a gold star! Lucey xx

  4. That're a really cute post! I'm thinking about one of those sewing machines for my two, they're just starting to pay an interest in making things.

  5. A really lovely bonding day! Your freehand embroidery is really good, I fancy doig something like that but I am a bit scared of my machine!! Well done! You can have a gold star too!

  6. your freehand embroidery's fab and I love Izzy's sewing machine x

  7. It's gorgeous! Well done Izzy! x

  8. What a fab little lavender bag - well done Izzy! The free machining will soon take off - practice makes perfect - just keep playing. It's a lovely thing to do. Check out Alison Holt - if you like landscapes/gardens/flowers etc. She is amazing.

  9. Oh well done Izzy. I really love your lavender bag.
    How lovely to craft with your daughter.....mine says she is going to open up 'Sewing by Annie's daughter' :-)
    A x

  10. Love the idea of a lavender bag, as a first sewing project. Your daughter looks so happy! This has inspired me to start sewing with my little girl!

  11. Yes! What a lovely thing to do!
    Is that a childrens sewing maching? Did she work the foot pedal herself!?
    I, too, can't wait until my little girl is old enough for this kind of project.

  12. After reading this I had a look in the storage part of my new machine and realised I have a see-through foot, and I've been struggling along with the big metal one getting in the way!! What a numpty I am :D

    I just ordered a Clothkits skirt kit for me and my daughter to make together. It says anyone aged 8 or up will be able to do it...we'll see!

  13. What a lovely day together and an utterly brilliant lavendar bag! Watch out Louise - Izzy will be having her own stall at the next craft show :-) xxx


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