Monday, 31 January 2011

Bring back the Kaftan

I went to a 70's fancy dress party on Saturday night. I managed to borrow the most fantastic vintage 70's kaftan. It was amazing. I say bring back the kaftan. It was really comfortable and basically covers everything up. Result! What do you think - does it suit me?? I modelled myself on Margo from The Good Life (one of my favourite sitcoms from the 70's!).

We all really went for it with the fancy dress. We don't get out much anymore so we all got a bit over excited.

We actually went into a pub dressed like this and drank shots of Jagermeisters like teenagers

Even bumped into Wonder Woman and the Green Cross Code man.

Felt slightly delicate on Sunday tho. I am NEVER drinking again!


  1. Love it, Margo was my 2nd favourite character from The Good Life (Gerry was my absolute fave). Impressed with the green cross code man too, although I was a member of the Tufty Club myself! x

  2. WOW, go girl go!! You looked amazing, fancy dress is so much fun Lucey xx

  3. Loving the kaftan .... I can see it filling the gap between work clothes and jammies ... Perfect for me ;-)

  4. Looking Good Girl!
    (the green cross code man reminds me of Russ Abbott!)
    Jille x

  5. Wow that is fantastic. Absolutely adored Margo... you did her proud!

  6. Love the Kaftan look, Boogie Wogey Boogie!

  7. I have a very similar dress: nylon is surprisingly flattering!

  8. Ha ha ha cool. I am going to a fancy Dress disco this weekend as Margot!! I made a dress - it is even more garish than your kaftan. I like that you went to the pub in it. V. funny xx

  9. Am going to a fancy dress party in 2 weeks and really don't think the mini-skirt option is for me! Where did you get your lovely kaftan from?


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