Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sucessful in my failure!

I thought I should have a little recap at last years resolutions to see how I got on..... I appear to have been very successful (that is successful in my failure to actually achieve any of the things I set out to do!). Lets have a more detailed look at them shall we...

1) I set myself a new blog challenge to make an item of childrens clothes each month.
I achieved January's skirt which was actually quite a success but then gave up and didn't make any other clothes for the rest of the year. FAIL

2) Get into Twitter.
I just can't be bothered! Its bad enough keeping up with blogging and facebook and emails etc. I just don't see the point of letting everyone know every time I have a cup of tea. Having said that I did use Twitter to stalk contact the singer of a band that I love and he tweeted back. On the whole though I would say a big fat FAIL.

3) Get Fit
Ha ha. I did Zumba once and realised that without copious amounts of alcohol I have absolutely no rythum. It was not pretty. FAIL

4) Cook a new recipe each week.
I hate cooking. I did not cook a new recipe each week. I'm not sure I've cooked  a new recipe all year.

5) Make more effort
We had a few nights out and went to the cinema once but generally it didn't really happen. I also forgot our tenth annivesary. Oh dear. Another FAIL

6) Be fun mummy instead of grumpy mummy.
I come home from work each day just as Izzy finishes school. I always have this little plan in my head of all the fun that we are going to have. The minute my childminder leaves the house Izzy seems to turn into a raging maniac demanding food and refusing to talk to me unless its shouting at me for food. My patience usually last about 3.5 minutes. I'm not sure my children would describe me as a 'fun' mummy. FAIL

7) Show my garden some love
Very neglected this year generally and clearly its much too cold to venture outside at the moment. FAIL

8) Learn to love my sewing machine
Not really. We kind of tolerate each other. I think it needs a service but I'm too lazy to organise it. FAIL

9) Go to bed early
I appear to be physically unable to go to bed early. I am a night bird which doesn't go well with having 2 small children. FAIL

10) Do more Random Acts of Kindness
I think I did some random acts of kindness during the year. I really did try - only I can't actually remember any of them. FAIL

However on a more positive note - I have started a new job this year and managed to blag my way through it without being sacked! I've run a 10 week training course for volunteers when my worst nightmare is standing up talking in front of people and I have conquered my fear of driving by having to drive for my new job so on the whole I'm pretty proud of my achievements this year. My Sew Scrumptious things are also being stocked in a local shop and are selling really well. So what are you most proud of this year??


  1. oh louise this post did make me laugh espcially i can relate to all of those points, especially the fun mummy one i tried to enjoy some craft time with the kids today, mmm!!! did we enjoy it i'm not sure we did!!!

    i think that this year has been a big success for you , new job - all that juggling!!!
    new stockists for sew scrumptious - how fab is that!!!
    and all that driving especially now that we have snow too!! you go girl!!!

    big pat on the back for you - as for the other things things - just roll them over for next year!!!! works in progress!!!!

  2. Well this post is one of the best I have ever read! So you can say you are a successful blogger! I love reading about normal everyday stuff that we all can relate to. Makes for a happy read instead of being left feeling inadequate because you feel you don't measure up to all the super mums etc

  3. Ooh Louise - you have achieved so much! Don't forget you also organised a craft market by yourself as well. I would also count all the things you have planned in your head, but couldn't quite finish because of all the juggling you are doing. That's what I am doing! Have a lovely Christmas. Cath xx


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