Wednesday, 15 December 2010

In the doghouse!

Oh dear. I am in the doghouse. I forgot it was our 10 year anniversary today. Jon bought me a lovely orchid and card and I got him........nothing. Not good. Any suggestions on how to make up for my complete rubbishness??!!

On a lighter note a lovely new shop has just opened in the town where I live and they are going to stock my things. Hurrah!! Its called trixybelle. It sells good quality pre loved items of childrens clothing and baby equipment and also stocks brand new childrens accessories and toys. Its beautifully fitted out and feels like a little boutique shop. It has a gorgeous window display and I think its going to be really popular. 

I made myself a little pouch for all my sewing machine accessories the other day. I'm quite pleased with it and I love the fabric. Going to have to buy some more I think.

I've finally listed all of my little sewing kits on folksy. Perfect for a present for a crafty friend! They woud also be good as a travel kit, a childs first sewing kit or for a student going off to Uni.

and finally a picture of the Christmas cow. She was fantastic!


  1. Oh dear! Well it was just sill getting married so near Christmas wasn't is with this time of year been so busy and all!! Hope he forgives you soon!

  2. How about making his absolute favourite dinner tonight...and then treating him to his favourite dessert *wink* LOL...
    Your sewing kits are fantastic! and your little 'moo' is beautiful :)

  3. gift wrap yourself and lurk in the dark waiting for him?

  4. Love the new sewing kits. I forget my anniversary every year, but this year my husband phoned the local radio station, who called me with the intention of hauling me across the coals live on the radio ... I missed the call:)

    You'll remember next year:)

    Leanne xx

  5. Gorgeous little bags - hope they sell well for you.

  6. the sewing kits are a fab idea x

  7. Lovely lovely. We don't bother with presents anymore after my husband bought me for our first year anniversary a badge inscribed with the words "I am always right". I don't know why but I didn't think it too romantic! I reckon don't beat yourself about it - take the old fashioned view - the man should make the effort as you obviously look after him so well for the rest of the year! X

  8. Love the little bags - I'm still in awe of zips and haven't attempted them. Should put that on my list for 2011. And well done for having a shop stocking your products, that's fab news x


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