Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Slobs

I'm back from my girlie week-end away which was great fun. We had planned a big night out on Saturday night but when it came to it we just couldn't be bothered. We got into out PJ's about 4pm and spent the next 8 hours glued to the sofas reading trashy magazines, watching dirty dancing, eating chocolate and drinking wine. Apart from getting up to open the door to the man delivering our Thai takeaway I don't think we moved from the sofa! We moved from trashy DVD's to the Telefest that is Saturday night e.g. Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor and the Take That documentary. (I seriously need some Take That tickets). There was much heated debate on the merits of Robbie Williams rejoining the band fueled by copious amounts of wine and champagne but eventually harmony was restored and we returned to trying to catch Maltesers in our mouths from the other side of the room.

It wasn't all slobbing about though. We did venture out (briefly) to sample the delights of New Quay.

We sat on the Harbour wall (but didn't see any dolphins) and frequented New Quay's famous pound shop

which is now a £1.20 shop. Thats inflation for you! We all managed to acquire a large amount of crap Christmas items which will no doubt fall apart within weeks.

Anyway I'm feeling all refreshed now and need to crack on with making some personalised aprons that have been ordered and also my Christmas decoration for the swap I've organised. Better get sewing.....


  1. Oh I love a "slobby" night on the sofa with a load of drinks and nibbles to keep me going!! Sounds like you all had a fab time, Lucey xx

  2. I'm jealous, sounds fun!

    Also, like the new blog look :)

  3. Glad you all had a lovely time! You sofa night sounds fab x

  4. Looks absolutely hilarious! Glad you all had a great time! Cor, how about the pound shop going up to £1.20!!!! xxx


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