Sunday, 21 November 2010

No black eyes

Thanks for your kind comments re Sam's little accident. Luckily he seems fine and although his nose is still a bit bruised and swollen, he didn't get a black eye as I thought he might.

I've attended a few local craft markets recently and picked up some little things for stocking fillers. I absolutely love this keyring (a treat for myself!). The stall was full of beautiful things. Unfortunately the lady who made them wasn't there so I couldn't chat to her and she doesn't yet have a website which is a shame as I would love to feature more of her work. It was absolutely gorgeous and made from recycled materials. I really want to have a go at more freehand embroidery and this little key ring has really inspired me.

I also bought these tiny little boxes. They are all hand drawn with ink and then hand painted  - the colored bits appear to be finished with some kind of varnish as it is slightly shiny and raised in texture. I love the detail on the boxes with little drawings inside as well. Would you believe that some of these were only 50p! There were some bugs for Sam and a friends little boy...

Izzy choose these little flower boxes as a present for her grandma. They all slot inside each other

This butterfly one is for Izzy. Apologies for the dreadful photo

and not handmade but cute nontheless


  1. Glad that Sam is recovering OK. Love the purchases!

  2. How cute are they? Love them, Lucey xx


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