Friday, 26 November 2010

The nativity and a sneaky peek

Sam got a new dressing gown yesterday. He was very pleased with it and insisted on wearing it all afternoon over his clothes. It came in very handy when Izzy got home from school as she needed someone to play Joseph to her Mary. I found them on their makeshift stage (Izzy's newly delivered and as yet unpacked new bed and mattress) doing a nativity play. Izzy had a blue skirt on her head! Sam actually thinks that the (previously unnamed) doll really is called 'baby jesus' and has insisted on calling it that ever since.Oh dear! I think Izzy is still coming to terms with the fact that she is a cow in the real nativity at school.

Heres a sneaky peak at what I am sending over to Beatrice in Spain for the Christmas Decoration swap.

You didn't really think I would show you did you? You'll have to wait until it arrives safe and sound. I really enjoyed making stuff for this swap. Can't wait to show you as there were two completely new things that I gave a try!


  1. Hi Louise ..... I've already contacted Deborah via Folksy and she has responded ... I'll check out the link on my website don't know what's going on there. I'm such a proud nanna this year as my grandson is Joseph in his pre-school production and grand-daughter is Mary in her Primary School's Nativity. About time they brought them back into school we've spent far too many years worrying that someone might be offended. Can't wait to see all the swaps ... thanks for arranging x

  2. Useful things dressing gowns....
    My younger son has been chosen this year to play Joseph in his nursery Nativity Play - the advantage of being one of the oldest in the class. He's not that impressed himself though.
    The most I ever managed was a shepherd, when what I really wanted to be was an angel with a tinsel halo and sparkly wings.

  3. Mini loves his dressing gown too


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