Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Family history

A while ago a passing remark from my great aunt intrigued me. She spoke of a photo she had lost, the only photo of her older brother Edward who had died aged 8 months in the 1918 flu epidemic. I had never heard of baby Edward who was also my Grans brother. He was the first child born to my great grandparents. My great grandfather was in the Navy and away at war when he died. He didn't find out for many months as there was no way of contacting him and my aunt told me that at Christmas he had sent home money 'for the baby' not knowing that the baby had died some months before. I couldn't get this story out of my mind. How must my great grandmother have felt losing her first child with her husband away, not being able to let him know and then receiving a Christmas gift for the baby out of the blue. Its heartbreaking.

The story made me want to start finding out even more about my family history and I am now completely addicted! Today I found out that my great great great great grandmother lived to 104 and met the king. Don't believe me...check out Granny Jarrett!

The internet is such  a fantastic thing. I came across these press photos and reports on a strangers family tree today. we are probably related in some way. I also received an email from someone else telling me about some Irish great great grandparents. Watch this space...

So who else is up for the Christmas decoration swap???

All you have to do is make a handmade Christmas decoration and send it with a card and some chocolate. Easy peasy!! Swap closes on 7 Nov. Click here to enter.


  1. You'll be hooked on another addiction now! I can't wait till the 1911 census comes out next year .... loads more lovely info to investigate!

  2. hi there - I already have a handmade Christmas decoration swap on the go (see my blog) .. although there's certainly room for two!

  3. I have been working on my family tree for 27 years, yiks! I got interested when my Mum told me that her uncle had died in the First World War and nobody in the family knew where his grave was. I investigated with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, who sent me details down to the row and position. We were living in Germany at the time and managed to go and find the grave on the way back to the UK. Very emotional moment to know we were the first members of the family to go and see it, 60+ years later. Prepare to get very addicted!


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