Monday, 8 November 2010

Bring on the swap!

I have now matched up everyone who left a comment about the Christmas Swap using my usual scientific method of names in a hat so without further ado here are your swap partners....

I am matched with Frogs and Sprogs

Please can you get in touch with each other directly using the links above to swap addresses and info about yourselves. Swap parcels should contain at least one handmade Christmas Decoration, a Christmas card and some Christmas chocolate! If people are unable to swap for any reason please can you let me know. Swap parcels should be with your swap partner by 1 December 2010. I love seeing what people send and receive so please blog about your parcels if you can and let me know so I can come and have a look. Happy making!

I went to John Lewis yesterday and came across this gorgeous childrens sewing machine.

Its for age 5 plus and a proper working sewing machine rather than the toy ones I have come across before. I've insisted that Izzy put this on her Christmas list for Santa! I also bought a pair of very expensive boots. The only pair of boots I have ever been able to find that fit my legs and don't look like wellies.

The only thing is I'm too scared to wear them now in case they get wet!

Sam and Izzy have suddenly discovered guitars. Jon plays and I tried for about 5 minutes in my 20's before deciding it was too much like hard work. Move over the Gallagher brothers - introducing The Stewarts


  1. Wow thanks for reminding me I had forgotten completely. Great. Have messaged FunkyCinderella. I'll do some blog posts about it. Will let you knowxx

  2. Thanks!

    Off to swap addresses - LOVE those boots!


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