Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I need a bit of sunshine

Hopefully by the time you read this we will all be here....

Yes we are going on holiday to Tenerife to celebrate Jon's 40th. I'm in complete denial about the flight with 2 young children but I'm assured that it will all be fine! The last holiday we went on was a complete disaster. We went on a Eurocamp trip to the South of France for 3 weeks and it rained.....EVERY SINGLE DAY! Seriously. Torrential rain. It was horrible. I was pregnant with Sam so couldn't even drink to take away the misery of being stuck in a damp caravan with a toddler. I also kept fainting. The French were on strike (again) so we couldn't get the ferry we had booked on the way there and we had to pay extra to get the Eurostar. We ended up coming home early it was that bad. Jon had been given a 6 week sabbatical for long service with his company which enabled us to go for so long and I joked one day that when he got back his desk would have either been moved or have someone else sat at it. How we laughed. The day he went back to work he got made redundant!! It wasn't a great summer.....apart from Sam being born obviously!! Anyway the point is that this trip has much to live up to. It has to restore my faith in holidays. I've already sworn I am never going back to France such is the memory of that last holiday. I don't want to add Tenerife to the list!

Buying presents for men is really difficult. I wanted to buy this gorgeous picture for Jon but I just couldn't afford it. I'll make one I thought - its the thought that counts. Well this is my finished effort. I think its clear that I am no great artist. It looks a bit rubbish and I am in two minds whether I should actually admit to being involved in the making of it! Please check out the original to see how nice it should look!

The idea is that every heart is a special place that means something to Jon. He was born in Blackburn, met me in Bristol. Our first holiday together was to New York. We've had fab holidays in Hong Kong and Venice and Jon proposed in Rhossili in Wales. I was feeling rather clever and romantic at the concept stage until I explained it to my mum and she said well he might have proposed to you there but he never got round to marrying you did he? Nothing like your parents to burst your bubble eh. (She was joking though!).


  1. Hi Louise I hope you have a fab holiday, i sure Jon will love his wonderful momento picture and if he doesn't just tell him how much you saved by not buying the original one!!!, don't tell me you've already spent the saving on some fabric!!!!

    have a lovely time....and happy birthday Jon

  2. What a lovely idea ... I am definitely going to steal it. I saw something similar in a craft show this week only instead of hearts it was butterflies and the wings had been angled upwards. Very nice too.


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